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Fruitfulness in Soul Winning – Alex C | Finding Souls to Win…

I have a passion for soul winning for which I keyed into the covenant hour of prayer and fasting. A friend of mine that I had been praying for over the past two years called me and asking for help in stopping his drug addiction. This had been a big problem for him as he spent all of his wages on drugs. I preached the Word of God to him and invited him to church. He came to church with his friend and both of them gave their lives to Jesus Christ.

On Thursday, after the covenant hour of prayer I went out for evangelism and spoke to an individual who gave his life to Jesus Christ. When I went to pick him up for service, I had the urge in my spirit to speak to two gentlemen who also gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord.

– Alex

Last post of the month and the series. We thank God. This week I want to write about where and how to find souls.

The perfect answer is in the scripture (and for this week) John 4:35:

Do you not say, “There are still four months and then comes the harvest”? Behold I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest”!

– Words of Christ

The scripture highlights to us that there are souls around us everywhere, if we look right-left-up-down-centre; there are people ready to hear about Jesus. That is our harvest – “white and ready”. And if we cannot find our harvest… it is an indication that we have not search well.

Many of us Christians go out for outreach (an opportunity to take part soul winning) but we also have something we call in-reach? In-reach, meaning reaching out to the people we interact or transact with on regular basis. Every moment of every day we have an opportunity to talk to a lost soul…don’t turn a blind eye.

Read these two types of in reach soul winning experiences…(more testimonies)….

A Christian wife had a best friend, a best friend who was not saved and had heard nothing about the gospel. Despite this, the Christian wife alongside her husband would frequently go out for outreach. Somehow, someone asked the best friend “why not go to church”? This best friend was a chain smoker and had tried everything in her power to break the habit. She attended the church with the Christian wife and her husband. From the start to the end of the service, the bestfriend wept. When alter call was made, she was the first to come forward. She also took the packets of cigarettes, squeezed it and disposed of the packet. She looked at the husband and said “tell your wife every Sunday she must pick me up to church”.

Imagine a harvest that was white and ready…the Christian couple almost missed it.

Here is another soul winning opportunity that was taken on a normal blessed business day:

So we’ve all experience been stopped by sales person, or a charity representative persuading us to sign up. In this case it was an individual trying to persuade our pastor’s wife to sign up for a credit card. As they all do, this individual was walking after her and talking simultaneously…now pastor’s wife could have walked on but she stopped and looked at him and saw an opportunity. The pastor’s wife said “I will listen to you, if you listen you listen to me”.

The thing it is our duty to keeping praying for souls, to keep thinking souls and to keep searching for them too.

I do pray that I encouraged someone out there on soul winning, or refreshed others on the importance of soul winning. Believe in me that there are blessings in serving God – soul winning is no different.

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Soul Winning Series: Don’t Be Discouraged – Testimony

Good morning everyone! Spontaneous post alert

I was rereading a book the other day “The Fourth Dimension” – Dr David Yonggi Cho (which in my next series, I do plan to review/recommend. The first few paragraphs of the book was a testimony from the author himself and how he gave his life to Christ.

The testimony is a powerful one and yes the Lord won his soul which has enabled him to make an great impact today. However, I am posting this because of the girl, who took part in soul winning particularly to Dr David at his time of need. She did not get discouraged and she did not give up. God used this girl to minister to …should I say the “old stubborn David” who has now brought thousands and thousands to Christ.

Dr David didn’t even know the girl’s name but he remembered the name she kept repeating…Jesus.

Have a read be encouraged…time to copy, paste, highlight the bits that hit me based on soul winning and then reference.

Writing back on Thursday 🙂

One afternoon I was working as a tutor. Suddenly I felt something oozing up from deep down my chest. My mouth felt full. I thought I would choke.

As I opened my mouth, blood began to gush out. I tried to stop the bleeding, but the blood continued to flow from my nostrils and mouth. My stomach and chest soon filled with blood. Severely weakened, I fainted…

I was nineteen years old. And I was dying.

Frightened, my parents immediately sold enough of their possessions to take me to a famous hospital for treatment. The doctor’s examinations were careful, their diagnosis: incurable tuberculosis.

When I heard their assessment, I realized how badly I wanted to live. My desires for the future were to end before I even had the chance to start fully living.

…I turned to the physician who had pronounced the grim diagnosis. “Doctor, isn’t there anything you can do for me?”

His replied “No. This type of tuberculosis is very unusual. It is spreading so fast that there is no way to arrest it. You have three, at most four months to live. Go home young man. Eat anything you want. Say goodbye to your friends.”

I returned home in a dazed condition. Ready to die, I hung a three month calendar on the wall. Raised a Buddhist, I prayed daily that Buddha would help me. But no hope came, and I grew continually worse.

Sensing that my time to live was shortening, I gave up faith in Buddha. It was then that I began to cry to the unknown God. Little did I know how great an impact His response would have on my life.

A few days later a high school girl visited me, and began to talk about Jesus Christ. She told me about Christ’s virgin birth, His death on a cross, His resurrection, and salvation through grace. These stories seemed nonsense to me. I neither accepted her stories, nor paid much attention to this ignorant young female. Her departure left me with one emotion; relief.

But the next day she returned. She came again and again, every time troubling me with stories about the God-man, Jesus. After more than a week of these visits, I became greatly agitated, and roughly rebuked her,

She did not run away in shame, nor retaliate in anger. She simply knelt down and began to pray for me. Large tears rolled down her cheeks, reflecting compassion foreign to my well-organized and sterile Buddhist philosophies and rituals.

When I saw tears , my heart was deeply touched. There was something different in this young girl. She was nor reciting religious stories to me; she was living what she believed. Through her love and tears I could feel the presence of God.

“Young lady, please don’t cry. I am sorry. I now know about your Christian love, Since I am dying I will become a Christian for you.”

Her response was immediate. Her face brightened into a glow, and she praised God. Shaking hands with me, she gave me her Bible.

Search the Bible, she instructed, “If you read it faithfully you will find the words of life.

That was the first time in my life I had ever held a Bible. Constantly struggling to gasp air into my lungs, I opened to the book of Genesis.

Turning the pages to Matthew, she smiled: “Sir, you are so sick that if you start from Genesis, I don’t think you will last long enough to finish Revelation. If you start from the book of Matthew, you will have enough time.

Expecting to find deep moral and philosophical religious teachings, I was shocked at what I read. “Abraham begat Isaac, Isaac begat Jacob; Jacob begat Judas and his brethren.”

I felt very foolish. I closed the Bible saying, “Young lady, I won’t read this Bible. This is only a story of one man begetting another. I would rather read the telephone directory.”

She replied. “You don’t recognize these names right now But as you read on, these names will come to hold special meaning to you.” Encouraged, I began reading the Bible again.

As I read I did not find any systematized philosophies, any theories of medical science, or any religious rituals. But I did find one striking theme: The Bible constantly spoke about Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

The imminence of my death had brought me to the realization that I needed something greater than religion, greater than philosophy, and even greater than sympathy for the trials of human existence. I needed someone who could share my struggles and sufferings, someone who could give me victory.

Through reading the Bible I discovered that someone to be the Lord Jesus Christ.

– Dr David Yonggi Cho from The Fourth Dimension


Soul Winning Series: Soul Winning via Personal Testimony – Bola | Leading A Conversation to Salvation

On my day off from work, I went on evangelism in my area. The first person I spoke to was a Turkish man. On sharing the love of God with him, he asked me why he should give his life to Jesus. I then shared with him my personal testimony of how God delivered me from drugs and saved me. Based on my testimony, he gave his life to Christ. The second was a Portuguese man who I shared the same personal testimony with. He had just lost his job and that if Jesus could restore his job, he would give his life to Christ. That took place on a Thursday and by Sunday morning; he called to say he had gotten another job. Praise Jesus.

– Bola

Yes, it is a short one this week but it is just as effective. I posted this testimony because it highlights the importance of how you may consider approaching the lost and leading a normal conversation to salvation.

In this section of the series, I will suggest a basic guideline of what you may want to go through as you begin to take part in soul winning.

  • Prepare yourself

It is a great a feeling wanting to take part in soul winning, and it is also a blessing once you start taking part in such activity. But like everything else in life, you must go prepared. It is not about finding the first person you see and opening your mouth to say “a b c”. Keep it in mind how you start a conversation determines how you will finish. Pray that as you speak to them about Jesus that they will understand. Even before that! Pray that your soul winning session that you will be fruitful.

  • You must find a common ground. Start where the person is (Acts 8).

Most good conversations start off with a topic both (or more) parties know something about. You may not have the same views/opinions to start off with; however you have a greater chance that something constructive will come out of that conversation. This is no different to soul winning. To engage the lost, you may need to find something that relates to his/her life. Of course you should start off with the light topics… nothing too deep. Let him/her lead you to such topics.

  • Be ready for a reaction

Everyone is different, so not everyone will be warmed to your conversation. You may get smiles and a series on “thank yous” or on the hand, you may get the uncomfortable stare, possibly even get a dose of verbal abuse. If it is the latter… do not be discouraged. Jesus in His time suffered much worse.

Believe that what you are doing now on earth will be rewarded in heaven.

One thing I recite to myself when spreading the good news to the lost (or even when writing posts to you is that I am not doing it on my own. It is not by my power or by might but through the Holy Spirit. When you’re talking about the Word to others ask for the Holy Spirit to speak through you…ask for wisdom and for favor.

Be wary of your responses also to the individuals reaction…you are portraying an example of a Christian character and they are watching you.

  • Ask guiding questions

Questions which are nonjudgmental, but requires somewhat high levels of thinking. In this case a perfect example would be : Do you have any spiritual belief?

  • Share the gospel, using your personal testimony
  • Allow them to make a decision

Soul Winning Scripture for this week: Ephesians 1:4-5

…just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love, having predestined us to adoption as sons of Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will….


The following scripture above are Apostle Paul’s words. The verses highlight that salvation is depends totally on God. When an individual has made a decision to give his/her life to Christ, it is all dependent on God; it is God who is the ultimate soul winner and He is the one who will save you according to His plan.

Soul Winning Series: Miracle Job via Soul Winning – Batel M | Why Win Souls?

For the past two months there was a cloud of darkness over my life. During this fasting period, I told God that I wanted this cloud of darkness to disappear and by the third day of the fast, it had gone. This brought about a spiritual awakening in my life and I decided to serve the Lord more than I ever did, keying into soul winning. The Lord spoke to me that once my personal needs become His needs; then all other needs of mine will be met so I started praying kingdom focused prayers. Prior to this, all the job interviews I had attended had been unsuccessful but on Friday, my agency called to say they have a job for me to resume on Monday without attending any interview. I also want to thank God because I keyed into the “Wonder Double” agenda for this season. I decided that I would go after three souls a week instead of three for the entire season. By Friday, I had not won any soul but on Saturday after the night vigil, I went out for soul winning and four people gave their lives to Christ.


 …once my personal needs become His needs; then all other needs of mine will be met…

A statement that we probably need to remind ourselves daily; as sometimes we tend to have a habit of going to the Lord and requesting our needs and forgetting the requests to benefit/grow the Kingdom. It is important to remember our primary mission  is to bring the lost souls to Christ. Tell them all about Jesus and how He is the forgiver of all sins – no matter how bad you think the sins are.

Let’s elaborate…why we win souls…

  1. God has made us disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20) and that it is our duty to be fishers of men (Matthew  4:18-20); in other words it is our mission to tell and bring the lost to Christ.

Is it a commandment? Yes

“Go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature” – Mark 16:15

The Lord has placed a demand on His church and His disciples (us) for the salvation of souls. We as believers  have been ordained to be preachers (Mark 16:20), to spread the Word. To not preach about the Word to others is almost like hiding your identity as a Christian…

2. Soul Winning proves our love for God. I believe the testimony above is a great example of the love our sister has for God as she put His needs before her own. Check out a sister’s testimony (below) which also reflect her love for God…a testimony that possibly woke me up as I heard it and realised I also need to be on that level:

I had been getting contacts and no real souls into the kingdom so I prayed to God for souls to be won into His kingdom and into the church. I actually cried “Lord give me souls or I die“. In addition to the Thursday and Friday outreaches, I told a member in my area to join me for Monday and Tuesday outreaches. We got a contact and two souls, including one person who was eager to come to church. On Saturday as I went for evangelism, the Holy Spirit prompted me to take my bag along however; left my bag in the car. As I began sharing the gospel with the first person I met, he said he was hungry and needed food. I returned to the car to get my bag and bought him food. He gave his life to Christ and attended the home fellowship with me and is attending church today. I thank God for answering my prayers and giving me souls – Benny A.

“Lord give me souls or I die…” if that didn’t demonstrate her love for God, I don’t know what will. If you love God, you will represent Him and you will tell people about Him.

3. Soul Winning glorifies God (John 15:8); when a vine bears “much fruit”, God is glorified for daily he sent the sunshine and the rain to make the crops grow, and constantly he nurtured each tiny plant and prepared it to blossom. What a moment of glory for the Lord of harvest  when the harvest is brought into barns, mature and ready to use! He made it all happen. This farming analogy shows how God is glorified when people come into a right relationship with Him and begin to bear much fruits in their lives.

Fruits, being the lost you are bringing to Christ.

4. Soul Winning comes with benefits such as prosperity (Ecclesiastes 11:6), divine health (Proverbs 13:17), divine protection, favor and many more.

Soul Winning Scripture for this week: John 15:16


We all have a God-given purpose in this life–to bring forth fruit. Just as a person plants a tree and expects to reap fruit from it, God expects fruit from us…lets starting sowing seeds for our fruits…

Soul Winning Series: Let God work Through You – Tobi |Definition

Hello Testimonies Speakers, so the first post of the series… *smiles*, I hope the testimony ministers and encourages you to continue the great work that you are doing for Christ.

I have too many testimonies to give. But I’ll choose this one to share. I am sharing this testimony to give all the glory back to the most high.

“… Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.”
‭‭Zechariah‬ ‭4:6‬ ‭KJV‬‬

The testimony shows that all you need is GodPerson raising both hands in celebration.
When you try to do things in your flesh the outcome cannot reach that of when you involve God. Myself and some colleagues ran a medical clinic in a rural village in Zimbabwe. We did this over 2 days. The first day I felt strong and excited and good to go. I felt excited to give what I had. We treated patients and ministered. Day 2, I woke up struggling: nausea, coughing, sore throat, I felt weak. My mentality that day was ‘ God I cannot do this, take over ‘ and surprisingly enough day 2 was much greater. Firstly on my part, more patients were seen ( almost double from that of the day before). Not only that we ministered and souls were saved. One that particular stuck in mind is a teenager HIV positive and a Muslim. He came in with problems with near vision. We gave him reading glasses and ministered to him. He left a born again Christian and with a almost new bible.
So in conclusion let go and let God. The bible doesn’t say I can do all things

‘through myself’ BUT through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13).

So be encouraged my brethren and allow God to take over. Triumph is coming your way.
God bless you.



  #HavenofRest #Zimbabwe #Rusape #ChitVillage

We thank God for this testimony as once again, many topics can be derived from this powerful testimony. However, this month I am focusing on Soul Winning. It is a blessing if you can minister about Jesus Christ, win souls and do your daily job at the same time. I believe as Christians, as ambassadors of Christ, it is our duty to find ways…creative ways to evangelise….wins souls. After all, it is what we have been all called to do on this earth alongside the other purpose(s) that we have been called to do.

So briefly, what is soul winning?

Soul winning is an act that brings the lost in contact with God’s plan of salvation; to know him as personal Lord and Saviour. The act may involve a conversation about how the lost soul can receive Christ as his/her Saviour and have eternal life. It also a metaphorical terms for evangelism.

It is the Lord that uses and is dependent on us as His children to accomplish His purposes, remember at the end of the day, it is He that does the saving, the rescuing and the cleansing. However, He depends upon our co-operation that He may be introduced to needy souls and that they may be brought to Him.

Soul Winning Scripture for this week: Proverbs 11:30

 As a believer, one of your main purposes in life is to win souls. And he that winneth souls is wise….let’s get wise.


Soul Winning Series: Introduction

Hello testimony speakers,

Happy New Month….it’s August already!

Apologies for my quiet mode. I pray that you have been well and that the testimonies presented here have been a blessing and have ministered to you one way or another.

Today marks the 1st anniversary of Testimonies Speak (and that went fast)…I should treat myself to a mini cupcake…if I remember…

It has been an experience and a half, exposing me to so many inspiring writers, preachers, poets and so on. I am so excited for where this blog is going to take me  to next year…I shall keep you posted… :-D.

Thank you everyone who has supported the blog by sharing their testimony/ies. If you are interested in telling us what the Lord has done in your life in the past or just recently; please email me at testimonies_speak@outlook.com or click this link here… 👉 The Multifunction Box.

And now for some new post(s)….let’s start off with a series….


This month I have decided to do a quick series on Soul Winning; a metaphorical term for evangelism. Apart from the fact that my church has recently laid emphasis on this type  of act of service to God; the amount of testimonies that have been rooted from this activity alone has been amazing. And I thought it would be a great idea to convey to you (and myself) the rewards of soul winning as Christians.

What to expect. . .

  • The meaning of Soul Winning
  • Why we should take part in Soul Winning…the benefits
  • Leading a conversation to salvation
  • Where to find souls to win

It is a short series, so I will be posting once week, alongside a testimony and a Word/scriptural relating to soul winning.

I pray the coming posts this month encourages someone out there to work for God, there are many lost people out there waiting for us just to tell them about Jesus.

I look forward to writing to you on Thursday.

Remain blessed.