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“I want to tell the world about Jesus” – Mark

Good evening readers,

This week I have a video clip of  brother Mark’s testimony (from CCK Brighton – it’s a small world). Shout out to all the University of Brighton attendees.





Giving My Life to Christ

Mark gave his life to Christ in 2002. He recounted:

I got thrown out of three schools, my parents split up, my younger sister died. As a result I turned to drugs as a form of escapism. I ended up mixing with the wrong sort of crowd and stuff. It wasn’t too cool but at the time I really didn’t know what was going on. I reached the point of suicide. I just couldn’t handle it. Then out of the blue I started thinking about religion. I wondered if there was a God. Then, one time in my room I said, ‘Lord, if you are there give me a sign. Something that I can’t class as an illusion. Something I can’t class as a coincidence. Amen.’ That’s all I said. Thought nothing more of it and got back on the bed.

What happened next stunned the young man to the core of his being.

I switched on the TV  I heard the voice of God speaking to me over to me. I heard this audible voice saying that he loved me and that he had a plan for me. I was totally in shock I ran down the road to my mate’s, banged on the door shouting ‘God’s real, God’s real! God’s really, really real!

Trying to pull myself together I went back to his room to hear more of God’s voice. I said a prayer and switched on the telly again and there was nothing! I said another prayer, switched on the telly again, still nothing. A bit confused I sat there and then I thought ‘He wrote that Book, the Bible?’ So I managed to get hold of one of them. I spoke to God in my heart. I said, ‘Look God, you know I can hardly read, you know I’m dyslexic but I want to do you a deal. I want to finish reading your book by the turn of the year.’ And I did. I finished it cover-to-cover. I couldn’t understand half of it, couldn’t remember half of it. One line which always stuck out to me through it though was, ‘If you seek me with all your heart surely you will find me.’


That was Jeremiah 29:13.

Thank you God for this testimony. A powerful testimony to demonstrate that You indeed are a Healer. I thank you God for showing that you can turn an individual’s weakness into a strength. I also want to thank you Lord for protecting brother Mark and his family as well as guiding them according to Your Word and Your will.

Mark, may God continue to work through you and continue to bless you as you are blessing others. Amen.

Imagine. God used Mark; even though another human conditioned him as dyslexic, God still used him to spread the Good News with WORDS about the miracle God has done in his life. This somewhat reminded me of someone in the Bible? The man who was timid, shy and tongue-tied and yet God gave him the ability to find ways with words to become a public speaker, to become a leader. Yes Moses.

Just like God did with brother Mark, Moses and other Biblical leaders in the Bible, God can use you to do His work at any time and anyhow.

Let us pray that we are able to obey God when he gives instructions to us, let us pray that we don’t use our weakness, or spirit of fear as an excuse not to pursue our ministry in life.





Testimony: To Rejoice About Christ Through Sound with Anthony Rocco

Hiiiiii! It’s Testimony Thursday!

So today, instead of reading, watching, it’s time to listen to a beautiful track/poem called Testimony by T.R.A.C.T.S (To Rejoice About Christ Through Sound) with Anthony Rocco –Thank you!

T.R.A.C.T.S. has returned to music production after a hiatus of several years. His passion has been reignited because of his new focus and purpose. He now looks at his musical talent as a gift from God and as such, he wants to give glory back to God with the gift he has been given. The name T.R.A.C.T.S. actually stands for – to rejoice about Christ through sound which is his goal every time he creates music.

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D’s Word of Encouragement:

The joy and fulfilment you get from society will always have expiry date.

However, the joy you get from the Lord is everlasting and will bring you to the Kingdom gate.

Brothers and sisters, never think you’ve fallen so deep into sin,

That the Lord can’t set you free, to give you a new journey to begin.

by DAfricanLady

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