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Patricia’s War Book

Hey Testimonies Speakers,

Following on from the previous post, here is a testimony (and more personal words) based on  the War Room film.

2016 has been a year of FAITH. This time last year I watched a movie where a woman had a small room (war room) in her house where she prayed out loud and stuck written prayers on the wall. I do not have a small private room in my house where I can stick prayers all around; however, I was inspired to buy a book to write my prayers in. As the year went on, I wrote down my prayers and this book became my “WAR BOOK”.

Every prayer that was written in the book God answered. Prayer works!!! More importantly, it increased my belief in God and also made me more of a determined person as a whole. I achieved all the goals I set in 2016 simply because of my faith in God. Some of these goals seemed impossible even to begin to wish for at the start of the year. As I reflect back on the prayers I had written down throughout the year; I noticed that shortly after every victorious moment, there was a storm. Nevertheless, I chose to keep praying.

Each time I celebrated what I was given, I also praised God for the outcome to the ‘not yet answered’ prayers. In other words, I praised him in advance. Having faith in God became an addiction because I realised as the year went on I needed it for survival. Every moment of 2016 I needed God and he showed up. It is so easy to forget all the great things God has done, but I found that writing down my prayers allowed me to remember. I love this scripture below because it sums up the above.

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. ‭Isaiah‬ ‭54:17‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

It is important to note that the bible did not focus on the weapons forming; however, it is clearly written that the weapon will not prosper. What do you want 2017 to look like for you and your loved ones? That is entirely based on the level of faith you choose to have. Do not limit God. Jesus lives in all of us, and we all have access to him no matter who we think we are.

Throughout 2016, each moment I exercised faith, I backed it with actions by going after my dreams and desires.

“In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”James‬ ‭2:17‬ ‭NIV

I am grateful for 2016 and the wisdom learnt.



This testimony for me is so timely. Why? I’m halfway through my 21 days fasting with my church – prior to this I found myself a dusted unused 400 paged journal book and mentally (faith-ly) renamed it as my “War Book”. I decided to focus on two main prayer points and broke each of it down into sub-prayer-points and allocated each of the point made to a verse. So 21 verses. Hands down… it has been one of most effective prayer & fasting period. I believe my testimonies are around the corner. Keeping in mind that have a delay doesn’t mean that you will be denied.

This is definitely a testimony that I will be revisiting often this year.

How do you normally organise your prayer and fasting period?


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Film Review: War Room (How is Your Prayer Life?)

2017! January!

Are you pumped up ready for the New Year? New goals and new resolutions, right?

How about using this month to sort out your prayer life/prayer strategy to achieve your goals and maintain your resolutions.

I only watched this film for the first time a few months ago (covers face) and I thought what great way it would be to kick start and improve my prayer life. Unfortunately today, I have to say the thoughts never turned into actions. But just before I began to write this post I read a testimony based on this film (which I will be sharing later on this month), every prayer she wrote in her “war book” came to pass.

As if that wasn’t enough, my friend and I were discussing on the same day about 2017 and how we want a string of testimonies that will continue to blossom onto 2018 – she had the same idea of writing all prayer points and scriptures. 

I pray my December 2017 review post will be too much for you to read…lol

Meanwhile, I would like to write my brief review on the film for those still to watch it.

Film: War Room (Prayer is a Powerful Weapon)

Director: Alex Kendrick  Writer: Stephen Kendrick

Release Year: (2015)


Very brief summary…

War Room is a beautiful, simple Christian film that demonstrates the power of prayer -particularly when you feel that you are out solutions. In this case the film conveys how Tony (Husband) and Elizabeth (Wife)’s marriage is under strain and the effect it is having on their daughter’s well-being.

Just from studying the main characters we have a husband who is flirtatious, proud and boastful. Christian? – yes he is. But the type to put God not at the top of the list.

Then the wife – according to other reviews she is bitter. I didn’t get that. In my opinion she lost confidence in her man, in herself, in her marriage and in God.

Now when putting both husband and wife together – most certainly we can say, that it is quite frankly a recipe for disaster and as a result the daughter felt as though she was not loved by her parents.war-room-main_article_imagesynopsis_photo

The turning point came when Elizabeth met a client (Ms Clara) through her work. A client who was on fire for God and was not weary when it came to her faith. Ms Clara, mentored Elizabeth, advised her and taught her how to pray by introducing her to her weapon the “War Room”.



Overall thoughts on the film:

Firstly, the title of the film comes with meaning. When we think about prayer it is like a battle, it is like a war. When we come back from that war – we are not supposed to feel or come back the same.

Let’s digress a little. There are times I go to the gym and come back out without a sweat, without an ache and am still over energised to return home. For me…that’s just an indication that my time at the gym was a waste. However, on frequent occasions (particularly with a friend) when I come out of the gym – I know that Yes! I have burnt off almost every calorie I ate earlier in the day…(well it feels like that).

It’s the same with prayer, when you have prayed – you are supposed to feel a difference…You are supposed to feel confident that God has the situation at hand and there is no need for you to worry anymore.

War Room, War Box, War Book, War iPad and so on. Powerful weapons for beautiful testimonies.

Secondly, although the acting for me was a little cheesy and the script itself was displayed to be nothing outside the ordinary – it delivered it’s lessons/messages effectively, to the point that I would watch it over and over again, to ensure I didn’t miss a “trick” on how to get my prayers answered.  Yep! I have the DVD.

Finally….my favourite scene. It made me laugh. This for me was the most important part of the film.

What a way to show us how your prayer life is supposed to be. HOT! Not in the middle, not lukewarm. Oh I love it.

So in a nutshell:

Your prayer life needs to be hot

Your prayer points needs to be specific

Your prayer points needs to be organised

When you come to pray, come with faith, come with expectation.

Don’t be an occasional prayer

Don’t wait for time to pass by to pray.

God is already waiting to hear from you. Question is are you ready for battle?

Restoration of Missing Child- Abimbola O

Happy New Month everybody. Whatever expectation that you had at the beginning of the year that has not be delivered yet – may it be delivered this month. The ninth month is always the time for deliveries.

When reading or hearing any testimonies; come expectant.

Have a fruitful and elevating month.


On Thursday as I listened to DOMI radio (Winners internet radio), I heard Bishop Oyedepo talking about a woman who was missing for three months and had lost her mind. All she said was “take me to Canaanland” (Winners Chapel Lagos). She was taken to Canaanland, prayed for and her mind was restored. The following morning, I received a text from a pastor friend in Nigeria informing me that a child was missing and that I should join them in prayer.

I connected my prayer to the testimony I heard the night before and I asked God for the child to be found in three months. The Holy Spirit said three months was too much; so I changed it to three weeks. Again, the Holy Spirit said it was too long. I changed the prayer to three days, but heard it was too long yet again. I finally said three hours and I began to pray from 6AM. By 8AM, I received a text from the same friend stating that the child had being found. Praise God.

– Abimbola O

An amazing testimony that touched the heart of many people in my church.

So what can I bring out from this testimony to encourage you this week…?


For answers, for turnarounds or for a change in circumstances it is imperative to be prayerful and not just pray anyhow but pray with faith. It is important to have that connection with the Holy Spirit too. Here our sister, connected a testimony she heard to her prayer; when reading/hearing testimonies come expectant and take with you from that testimony…substance.

Every testimony ministers to someone one way or another (sometimes even differently) it is always a good idea to take the testimony as a spiritual tool to reenergize faith, as an aid to fight spiritual battles or to refresh our relationship with God (and more).

How has this testimony spoken to you?

If you would like to share a testimony on this blog email me at testimonies_speak@outlook.com or send it via the The Multifunction Box.

Happy Thursday.


Identifying My Purpose – Jeff

I had been working at my GP for two years and half but never saw a future there. I felt like I didn’t have a vision for my life. I also didn’t feel like I knew what or where I would be in five years. When I was asked the question “what is your passion? Or what are your interests?” I was so lost, I didn’t have an answer.

I kept praying to God asking Him “what on earth are my interests? Lol”. A day came when something in my mind asked “Jeff, what do you enjoy doing?” I replied “exercising or showing people how to exercise”. Then another question was like “back when you were 15/16, what did you say you wanted to become??” I replied “a PE teacher or Trainer”. Then I remembered besides the Christian books in my house I have loads of men’s health magazines and exercise textbooks so it came to be that “Jeff, health and fitness is your passion”. So bingo God answered my prayer and because of it I feel indebted to Him to help people to see the importance of Healthy living.


D’s Word of encouragement: Firstly, there is a reason for you being here today. You have a purpose. No matter how insignificant you think that purpose is, in God’s eyes – it is a big thing, an important thing but most importantly your special thing. Individual A, B and C doesn’t have to understand/agree with your purpose or even the pathway on how to achieve that purpose, the vital thing is that you are obedient with what God has called you to do, then ask Him for guidance and grace to follow it through.

Secondly, the Lord is your friend; He is understanding and will listen to everything you have to say or need to ask. Jeff knew this and prayed about his situation. He eventually got his answer through the guidance of the Holy Spirit  (imagine! After he was unable to give an answer when asked by people – the Lord is amazing!). Basically, for Jeff to get the answers he needed to pursue his purpose (and identify his interests and begin his career) he needed to devote time to God, pray to Him, praise Him and read the Word.  So what am I saying? Spend time with Him. Ladies, arrange dates with Him. Gentlemen, have that man to man talk with Him, Find and spend that time with Him, so that you don’t feel like a stranger but only familiar with His voice and excited by His presence.

Stay positive 😀


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