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Book Review: Pathway To Freedom (the story of a porn addict) – Elisha Kolade

Hello Testimonies speakers, I pray this post meets you well.

Today, I have been given the opportunity to review a book from the author himself – Elisha Kolade… well, I say today. But I’ve actually had the book collecting dust for the past 6 months (covers face).

Unlike the past two book reviews I have done previously (check out Book Review Series), I will be following a guideline (which I now plan to use forever) so that you can get an in depth review of the book. If you have read the book and agree or disagree with some of the comments I am about to put out there, please feel free to comment below.

Title: Pathway to Freedom (the story of a porn addict)

Author: Elisha Kolade (2015)

Just by looking….

The book cover is eye catching and bright yet very simple. As a part time artistic type of person, without the title, I would never really associate its image with “a pathway to freedom”, in my opinion the picture signifies to me of a journey that has been embarked on – which compliments the statement “the story of a porn addict”.

A statement which is enough to eye catch and prompt people into maybe buying the book. Unfortunately, if we were to judge its book by its front cover it may only appeal to the mature audience and possibly only to those who are determined to overcome this type of addiction.

To probably captivate older teenagers and young adults, the blurb could have started off with a few basic questions that will make them validate themselves ie. has porn taken over your life?

During the read…

I started reading this book at the beginning of the month (July). Nine days in and I had touched down on page 77 out of 135 pages (over half way). Now for someone who is reading for change and expecting an impact, the book will need to be read a bit slower than what I was achieving within a few days. It is a book to be read and applied to his her/life section by section or chapter by chapter (which ever one floats the readers boat).

So what actually caught my attention? Well, a number of things, but I will list down my main three.

One – The book went back to basics. Came out with essential facts and figures about sex and pornography. Tempted to call the book a ‘semi – dictionary’ as it defines the necessary terminologies associated with Christianity such as ‘restoration’ (as well as keywords associated with porn addiction. Which will be really beneficial for readers who have just given their life to Christ for the first time and also struggling with the addiction.

Two – The author executes his testimony rather well throughout the whole book. Testimonies rather than testimony! He details the process he had to go through to overcome porn addiction. He describes his setbacks, his hurdles and even gives us an insight to his infant days as a Christian. I mean what skillful way to engage your readers…

Three – A personal one. “your mind is a farm land and your thoughts are the seeds” – now I have never heard that before. Without diverting too much away from the book itself, I’ll just say this: The Bible carries all the required nutrients and conditions to help the seed (out thoughts) germinate and blossom beautifully – to gain access to these requirements we have to read frequently or seeds (our thoughts) will malnourish (room for negative thoughts, room for temptation).

In terms of how the book is written; it is casual. It is honest. Honest to the point where potentially he copied and pasted out of his journey into this handbook.

I initially thought it was too much and decided to get a second opinion. My friend who only read sections of it just said “it’s what people need to hear to relate, so that they know they are not going through it alone” – thanks to him I saw the book in another perspective. My bad!

On a whole the book is a good book. It contains the relevant materials, facts and steps on how to overcome addiction. Its written in a way that can reach out to a wide age range (from age 18 onwards of course).

The Pathway to Freedom can be found to be simple, casual, chatty and funny at times. However, unfortunately, the content of the book does not allow the pages to turn at a fast pace – some sections of the book is somewhat not succinct. and also some of his short accounts are found to be repeated in the book. But saying that, I read the book in 10 days – which I do not recommend for someone who is expectant for a change.

The Pathway to Freedom is almost similar to another book called Sex is not the Problem (Lust is) by Joshua Harris, I used the book last year to write posts for the Lust ≠ Love Series. The book came third party testimonies as well as group activities (or questions) at the end of each chapter – which may poke you to rank this book above Elisha’s. But when you have studied the book side to side; unlike Joshua Harris’ book, Elisha’s book is raw when displaying his own accounts and what he went through to relate and to encourage his readers to find the pathway to freedom.

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Lust ≠ Love Series: “Let’s Get Scriptural” (Romans 6:12)

Hey guys!

Very short post.

I think this post will mean I am up to speed for the Lust ≠ Love series, so next week I will be finally rounding up this theme.

So this week I have actually been looking at ovecoming lust and looking at ways to avoid lust triggers, action wise. Today, I want to use a different approach, by using a specific scripture, which is Romans 6:12. I actually got this idea from the audio testimony below. Have a listen. I hope the verse helps and it ministers to you. We can and we will overcome lust.

Pornography Has No Dominion Over Me – Ade

(Apologies if the sound quality is abit poor)


Let’s us not be slaves to lust or any other type of sin, let us use the Word as weapon to set ourselves free.

Keep repeating to yourself…

“Therefore do not let [insert specific sin] reign in MY mortal body so that I obey evil desires”.

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“Come here and listen, let me tell you what God has done for me” – Psalm 66:16 (NKJ)

If you have a testimony relating to sexual lust or any other type and would like to encourage someone with your story, here’s your space here and don’t worry, I’ll do the editing.

Lust ≠ Love Series: Overcoming Lust? Have A Plan.

Hey testifiers, It has been a while and I apologies. I think this week will have to be a busy one. To make up for the time lost. So here goes.

The next few post will include how to overcome lust and as well as more testimonies that relate to sexual lust and how these individuals overcame it.

I hope so far, the posts have ministered to you, please please please give in your feedback on what you have read so far and if you would like Lust ≠ Love Series 2 to be published (say so lol or you can even suggest a theme for another month). I currently have 2 in mind. But I will allow the Lord to guide me.

So back to the main purpose of the post…

Overcoming lust…

So you’ve admitted that lust is a major sin in your life *thumbs up*

You say you want to change – great!

So now, how are you going to do this?

I guess that that’s why you’re reading this post today – fair enough and thanks lool 🙂

I have a few questions for you though: I want to ask have you thought about… (more…)