YEAR 2015: Thumbs Up and Down…


Hello Testimony speakers,

20 days in but Happy New Month anyway. I pray that this year finishes gloriously for you and anyone connected to you.

Today’s post has been inspired by Princess Okechukwu post also titled Year 2015: Thumbs Up and Down…, I thought it may be a good opportunity for me to reflect (and share with you) on the year that is now coming to an end and nominate a few of bloggers to opt and do the same.

THUMBS UP or Highlights

Serving in the house of the Lord : My previous manager before I left told me I will have a ministry that involves the youth – that I will have an impact on the younger generation. I went from working with teenagers to working in the pharmaceutical industry. Not long after wards I was given a task to present to teenagers at my church. Surprise surprise. I loved it! (more…)


Book Review: The New Spirit-Controlled Woman – Beverly LaHaye ☆☆☆☆☆

The above title has probably just turned a lot of male heads away, but there are sections in the book for you to read too, so “leave the page and read the review and buy this book for your misses and you read it too.

Title: The New Spirit-Controlled Woman

Author: Beverly LaHaye (2005)

Our temperaments play a significant part in all areas of our lives and although there are four main types of temperaments (plus the twelve blends), it should be said that a male and female of the same temperament do have their differences (with the inclusion of other factors).

The book Spirit Controlled Temperament did its best by defining each of the temperament without defining itself with the emotion of a female or the masculinity of man. However, Beverley LaHaye (yes, Dr Timothy LaHaye’s wife) took the opportunity in the The New Spirit Controlled Woman to give a detailed description of each temperament in view of a female and once again highlighting the weaknesses and the strengths.

With the inclusion of referring back to the Word on how to overcome the mentioned weaknesses, Beverly also discusses the differences of how each of the temperaments and the spirit filled temperament of a woman effects the various factors, events and stages of a female’s life; personal life, interests, talents, parent-child relationship, dating, career choices, marriage and communication and even in-law relationships.

To conclude, our temperament was designed by God and with the help of the Holy Spirit, used for a great purpose. A spirit filled Melancholy will have a wealth full of talent, she will have the ability to do many things that are difficult and foreign to her natural temperament. A phlegmatic will stop shying away from tasks that will result into stand out and be a blessing onto others. A Choleric that is spirit controlled will be more patient when working with other people, she will be soft also sensitive. A Sanguine will be more disciplined and more dependable.

There is no better temperament.


“ARTEVANGELISM” – Melisa Dundas

From left to right…

“The drawing you see above is about a girl who found her purpose by walking the road God layed out for her. She had been through a lot but her faith and strong will kept her going, because chasing her destiny was her only hearts desire.”


 A men who doesn’t know which road to take in life.


Thanksgiving in the way YOU look – Sarah O Bee


I write this inspired by all the work DAfricanLadyhas done with Testimonies Speak – all glory to God; He will continue to bless you!

My testimony is around the opportunities God has given me despite of the ill feelings I have had towards myself. Having been raised in the church, I always had the privilege of knowing Christ, although it wasn’t until my late teens I fully accepted Christ and started my journey with Him. With that being said, I never thought I was pretty enough, having battled with my weight for many, many years. As an outlet to encourage others never to feel how I had in the past, I started a blog in 2011 around body confidence, particularly focusing on curvier women, and encouraging all to actively seek their God-given purpose in life.

As God would have it, my blog slowly began to grow and, after completing the Word of Faith Bible Institute at Winners Chapel in March 2014 (love my church!), God surprised and blessed me with two amazing opportunities; writing a column for the SPICE TV website and becoming a contributor for Trace TV Sports, a channel which is seen in over 160 countries. However, the enemy still did not leave me alone! In January 2015, I fell ill with food poisoning, causing me to gain a significant amount of weight. My blog ceased to exist for the next 6 months as I hid myself from others. I remember the high of the issue was when I didn’t even want to attend church because I was so ashamed of how I looked. I sought a scripture to help deliver me from these feelings as I knew they weren’t of God and God, being a God of double, gave me two.

The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life, of whom shall I be afraid? – Psalm 27:1

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus – Philippians 4:6-7

To be strengthened by a Father who has no limitations to His abilities and is able to give you peace more than any person could was more than enough to kick-start the mentality that I truly am fearfully and wonderfully made. In the midst of this realisation, I applied to star in a Curve Edit campaign for Cosmopolitan UK and guess what? I was successful! The October edition came out this month and all I can do is give glory to God. Through Him, all things are possible. It was a fantastic opportunity to remind all women that, no matter your size, you are beautiful in the eyes of God and, thus, you must hold yourself like a wonder to the world.



..and that goes to all the men out there too…

Embrace your body and work with it. If you want to twig the shape a bit; then do something about it in a healthy manner. Ensure that God is in the centre of your decisions, your methods and your whole journey…and not a model on a magazine that has being 100 percent-ly being photo shopped.

Whether you’re in the process of weight gaining or losing, remember that the Word says that “you are not your own….For you are bought with a price; therefore glorify God in your body…” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) do not abuse it by going to the extreme ends that it has a toll on your overall health. It’s all about BALANCE.

This is not a post where you will find the do’s and the don’ts unfortunately because I never follow it religiously. I do however take notes from A LOT  of Christian books (Look Good Feel Great: 12 Keys to a Healthy Life – Joyce Meyer) and in my own way, apply it to my own life style when I feel action needs to be taken (ie. running out of breath after running for 30 seconds …which means hello gym haha). The main thing is I do try my best to keep on top of my weight and regardless of what my weight says on the scale and how it might make me feel for a while…I make an effort to look good and presentable and that does go a long way for your confidence.

Let’s thank God for our favourite feature/part of the body today. (Otherwise thank God that you’re breathing)

Let’s also look at our least favourite feature/part of the body today, imagine if you were without that certain feature or part of the body (or it wasn’t working).

Now let’s thank God for every part of our body.

Let’s now glorify God in our body.

If you have a testimony you would like to share (or have any other queries) contact me here.

Divine Preservation and Healing – Mr & Mrs D

In the first twelve weeks of my pregnancy, I prayed fervently. I became complacent after this. By twenty weeks into pregnancy it became a complicated case. I came back from work on day and felt a pressure and went to the hospital. The nurse called the registrar, who called the consultant. The consultant said the baby was one its way and at twenty one weeks, he did not have much hope. At first I was crying from the shock. When I got in touch with some people from the church, I was reminded that I had not been taught to cry in church. Faith arose in me. I told the medical staff that I will take my healthy baby home. The consultant said he had never seen a viable delivery at twenty one weeks in his twenty five year career. I was put in large cosy room; which at the time I was unaware it was a bereavement room. The following day, I got a call from the a deacon in church who prayed “that the right team will attend to me”. As the new shift started, a doctor came to me saying that he was taking me to theatre. He appeared very hyper and I kept asking him whether he was taking the right patient. He said, he could do something to sustain the pregnancy”, but there was a danger of the baby’s membrane rupturing. The initial registrar that came in to tell me about the risks, ended up praying and praising with me when she found out that I was Christian. On the day of the operation the nurses also had their strike that day. The consultant did the best he could do under the circumstances. I was discharged four days later.

Three weeks later, my water broke and I went to the hospital. I did not go into labour and was discharged from the hospital two weeks later.

At twenty eight weeks, I finally went into labour and delivered a son.

I had met Pastor David a few weeks before and he said the pregnancy would be persevered. The midwife who delivered the baby said the baby had being preserved despite the cord around his neck. They said he under developed lungs and a bleed in his brain. They gave him seventy percent survival chance. This went on for a few days. We saw Pastor David last December, who told us to anoint him and confess the Word over him. We did this to him daily in the hospital. A brain scan was done and nothing abnormal was found. They also said he needs oxygen and physiotherapy when he comes home. He did not need them when home. At the check in July, the same doctors could not believe how much he had grown. To God be the glory. (more…)

Bartimaeus’ Faith

So his testimony…

Bartimaeus was blind, he asked Jesus to receive his sight and immediately he received it.

This is probably one of the shortest testimony that I will ever write on this blog, however, one of the most powerful. When I encountered the Word that was associated Bartimaeus’ testimony, I was blown away, so yes…not only am I writing this as my own personal record but also writing to minister to someone out there too.


Restoration of Missing Child- Abimbola O

Happy New Month everybody. Whatever expectation that you had at the beginning of the year that has not be delivered yet – may it be delivered this month. The ninth month is always the time for deliveries.

When reading or hearing any testimonies; come expectant.

Have a fruitful and elevating month.


On Thursday as I listened to DOMI radio (Winners internet radio), I heard Bishop Oyedepo talking about a woman who was missing for three months and had lost her mind. All she said was “take me to Canaanland” (Winners Chapel Lagos). She was taken to Canaanland, prayed for and her mind was restored. The following morning, I received a text from a pastor friend in Nigeria informing me that a child was missing and that I should join them in prayer.

I connected my prayer to the testimony I heard the night before and I asked God for the child to be found in three months. The Holy Spirit said three months was too much; so I changed it to three weeks. Again, the Holy Spirit said it was too long. I changed the prayer to three days, but heard it was too long yet again. I finally said three hours and I began to pray from 6AM. By 8AM, I received a text from the same friend stating that the child had being found. Praise God.

– Abimbola O

An amazing testimony that touched the heart of many people in my church.

So what can I bring out from this testimony to encourage you this week…?


For answers, for turnarounds or for a change in circumstances it is imperative to be prayerful and not just pray anyhow but pray with faith. It is important to have that connection with the Holy Spirit too. Here our sister, connected a testimony she heard to her prayer; when reading/hearing testimonies come expectant and take with you from that testimony…substance.

Every testimony ministers to someone one way or another (sometimes even differently) it is always a good idea to take the testimony as a spiritual tool to reenergize faith, as an aid to fight spiritual battles or to refresh our relationship with God (and more).

How has this testimony spoken to you?

If you would like to share a testimony on this blog email me at or send it via the The Multifunction Box.

Happy Thursday.