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Check out the testimonies in form of music.

Change – Lydia


Today we have some music, a testimony from the beautiful Lydia. The song is titled “Change”.

She briefly explains that the song is about the struggles she went through at some point in her life. To solve the problems, Lydia would attempt it in her own way, eventually resulting her getting hurt in the process.

It was a point in her life where she realised she need to look closer at her relationship with God. Lydia knew for things to get better she had to be ready for change, infact she was ready to change her whole personnel so that her approach to the same issue was going to be different.

Have a listen and enjoy,

How AMAZING does it feel to know that God can make a situation a whole lot better.

*Sings* I am ready for change. Yes, I am ready for change…

Twitter: @Lydzz17


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Testimony: To Rejoice About Christ Through Sound with Anthony Rocco

Hiiiiii! It’s Testimony Thursday!

So today, instead of reading, watching, it’s time to listen to a beautiful track/poem called Testimony by T.R.A.C.T.S (To Rejoice About Christ Through Sound) with Anthony Rocco –Thank you!

T.R.A.C.T.S. has returned to music production after a hiatus of several years. His passion has been reignited because of his new focus and purpose. He now looks at his musical talent as a gift from God and as such, he wants to give glory back to God with the gift he has been given. The name T.R.A.C.T.S. actually stands for – to rejoice about Christ through sound which is his goal every time he creates music.

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D’s Word of Encouragement:

The joy and fulfilment you get from society will always have expiry date.

However, the joy you get from the Lord is everlasting and will bring you to the Kingdom gate.

Brothers and sisters, never think you’ve fallen so deep into sin,

That the Lord can’t set you free, to give you a new journey to begin.

by DAfricanLady

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