Detox Day 2: Helpless Feelings…


The post is mostly aimed at individuals who find themselves helpless, particularly when it comes to dealing with needing to support a close family or friend.

Prior to this post, the number of occasions that I felt helpless when it came about overthinking how and finding ways to support a close one was becoming too frequent. Thoughts like these of course eventually lead worries and anxiety if not familiar with God’s Word.

Proverbs 3:5 tells us “lean not on your own understanding”. By feeling helpless,  unintentionally we are automatically putting our own weight, our own limitations on the matter, attempting to take control of the situations and possibly leading us to make serious decisions which could have serious implications.

So the next time you have the helpless feeling, let’s worry less, pray and believe God is in control of that situation. Seek wisdom and ask God for strength and courage to help support and see through the challenged your close friend or family member are going through.

Food Corner


Today was my first attempt to try out cauliflower.Roasted cauliflower. I am not quite sure what forced me to buy a whole cauliflower but it was an experience to cook. I over roasted it to get that crispy texture..well I was trying.

The sauce was lush, including ingredients such as Thai green curry and lime leaves.

In small doses, the vegetable was great as a aide dish for my Nigerian noodles.

The ugly vegetable is good for boosting brain heath – surprise surprise! It is also rice in several vitamins and minerals.



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