You’re Covered!

It’s mid May already, where some of you might be heavily in revision mode or doing all-nighters to meet certain deadlines. Or maybe school/university is finished and you are all about goal making, career progressing. Next step levels.

My advice for this period is: along with your planning, organisations, healthy eating – be sure you are still in the Word and bring your your academics, career and life goals to God. Always keep it in mind that faith without works is dead. James 2:14 – 26.

A sister kindly messaged me this testimony and I thought it was a good time to post to encourage someone out there.

Oh my!! Four years ago I became a doctor. I haven’t told the testimony, of how I would have missed my final written paper ..if not for God! I was enroute via underground – northern line to be precise when there was a power cut! The tube was in standstill. I could only do what I knew to do- I.e cry out to the Lord in the Holy Ghost. Time kept ticking. By the time the tube started to go.. it was time for the exam. But GOD held them till I entered the exam hall.
They said we waited for me because they heard about the tube .

But for me I knew it was BECAUSE OF GOD 🙌

Enjoy the rest of the month. Typing you again in June.




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