Cup of Blessing Two

Hey everyone,

This is an impulse, unplanned post. It is however a post that had to be written in order to appreciate everything the Lord has done for me.

Do you remember the post titled “Cup of Blessing” back in 2015? About how God had my back and providing me with solutions without me trying too hard to overcome certain hurdles – well..


When reflecting back; God didn’t finish His work there…He blessed me with divine favour (in what was then a new job), the type of favour that was enough to overwhelm me when it came to the last day of that job (last week).

During the two years whilst working in this pharma company; I did see a glimpse of my cup of blessing…rewards, bounces – you name it…But I still found a reason to complain about A, B and C, which now when I look back was a sin and a reflection of pure ungratefulness. I must say, such an action can result into someone’s stagnation without one even knowing.

However, God being merciful continued to give me  divine favour in the eyes of my work colleagues and my managers. On my last working week at the company , the expensive gifts I received , the tears I saw -it all touched me. It was at this point I had to mentally take back every complaint and every negative word said. I felt guilty, I had a conscience.

So what am I saying in this post today? Always thank God for your cups of blessing – no matter the size. When you are going through a rough patch -pause. Take a breather. And revisit the occasion that God gave you that cup of blessing.

I hope this post ministers to someone.

If not..


Typing to you soon.



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