Triplets after Nineteen Years

Triplets after Nineteen Years of Barrenness.

Today, we have a testimony which I heard during the Christmas 2016 period. As tradition my siblings and I make effort to attend the same church as our parents (seeing as it is family day). I was blessed by the sermon, the worship & praise but of course the TESTIMONIES.

Winners Chapel are always coming out with fire, dangerous mind boggling testimonies. It is unreal.

If you are currently still looking for a place to worship, Winners is a good grounded church.

Onto the testimony…

So I haven’t got this testimony in writing from the married couple themselves or the church (just yet), but whilst hearing the testimony…I tried my best to take notes and then after wrote it as a journal account.

I pray that despite the way the testimony is written…it will minister to you regardless – may you receive your own testimony before the end of first quarter of the year (March ’17):

…everyone including myself was applauding for the West Indian man giving his testimony.

The type of applause to say…thank you God for touching his life, giving him a testimony and let’s carry carrying on encouraging the non-Nigerians to come to our church also. 3 in 1 type of clap.

The West-Indian man has a glow on his face, a glow to indicate to any audience that what God had done for him if not touched…then stunned him and he was indeed grateful. His walk off the altar was light and caught my attention as he shook hands with neighbouring church members. All of a sudden the clapping of hands got louder and louder. I thought it was to mark the end of the testimonies session. Then along with the clapping came the loud surprising cheering. I was confused. Me and my short-self decided to stand up. Probably the most pointless action as all I saw was mainly bald heads, wigs and weaves. I then believed Pastor David Jr came on the altar as an unannounced guest.


It was after a good few minutes I understood what everyone was cheering about. A man, his wife and an elderly woman – each carrying a baby.

The man begun his testimony: “19 years of bareness, in which during this period: they went abroad and in total had 9 IVF treatments all which failed.

The testifier also mentioned it was that it was around this time last year (December 2015) that the Pastor Udoh declared that there will be a testimony that will include a man, his wife and the grandmother each carrying a baby. According to his testimony, he and his wife held on to that Word.

The new father was still telling his testimony I got on my feet… I had goose bumps. I had hope. I turned into a confident mind-set of the impossible can indeed become the possible.

The most touching part of the testimony was when the Pastor requested for new parents to come forward (to the front) to dedicate their new born babies. The testify explained at that moment that his wife came out and danced her way forward as if she already had her own child.


My account stops there.

There testifiers also keyed into the praising God.

They also keyed into the scripture Hebrews 11:30. A scripture I would like to dismantle, study and share with you today.

Hebrews 11:30



By faith the walls of Jericho fell down after they were encircled for seven days


When we revisit the account in the book of Joshua 6:1-27, it should be pointed out that the walls of Jericho did not fall on its own, neither was it due to the blowing of the trumpets. In actual fact it was due to the confidence and continuous faith in God from the priests that enabled the wall to fall.

This is type of faith is a necessity when you feel that there seems to be no change in circumstances or difficult situations. We need to remember that God has power over the human heart as he had power over Jericho, as He had power over the marriage couple believing in God for children and as He will have power in your darkest day of discouragement.

Once again in reference to the testifiers, they remain committed in continuing to praise God, despite their situation. They didn’t give up on him. They returned to Him day after day – giving him glory! God must have seen this and pour out his blessings onto them…with triplets. Praise the Lord!

I would love to hear from those who go to Winners and particularly heard that testimony ….how amazing was it to be hear that testimony.

NB: If I do get a copy of the version transcribed by Winner’s Chapel, I will post it in the comment section for you to read also.


To share a testimony, please email me at or message me via The Multifunction Box.


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