Lessons from 2016


  • Worrying is never the solutions.

A statement that is so easily read, digested but quickly forgotten when faced with challenges. Looking back at this year – God has been great, He has had my back in every corner that I can think of.

We have days before the end of the year, if you think it is too late for God to do something in your life before 2017 – you are so wrong! I had a goal to find myself in a new job in January and just two weeks ago I got the news I wanted to hear.

  • There is always a friend in need…

Sometimes be the friend that listens and is able to connect dots when thing are not going right for that friend. It’s possible at times to get carried away with our own life and commitments, forgetting that there may be a friend that just needs a phone call to make him/her smile. That needs a hug. That needs to be prayed for.

This year God gave me the resources to help, listen and advice. I pray I am in a position to do the same next year.

  • and there is always a friend to invest in…

This year I have a long list of friends who I can say have achieved so much this year. Friends who knew their potential and went out their way to pursue their goals. if you are reading this, I just want to say I am proud of y’all and I pray God increases you, your business and your gifts and may He continue to open doors for you. I may never say this your face that often but I believe in you.

  • Rest Days

and drinking plenty water!

Working in a cooperate company – it’s so easy to tire yourself out, so this year I learnt how to rest! Enjoy my own company and recharge my batteries. That way I have manage to keep on top of my game at work and at the gym too. It’s not everyday everyone needs to see my face lol.

What I need to do next year is to in cooperate these rest days into a routine and not take it randomly.

  • Find a church you can also call “home”.

Going church to receive your weekly sermon is great. Going church to serve is also a good thing too. How about going to church to find peace? How about going to church not only to receive positive declarations but to learn practical/technical skills on how to enhance your faith? On how to fight your Goliath?


Personal Note: As this year closes, I wish you nothing but blessings and peace. Writing to you again in 2017.







2 thoughts on “Lessons from 2016

  1. This is so real! I love the simplicity and realness of this! The drink water bit really got me because I can go DAYS without a sip of water. So bad! Thanks for this Dami!

    Looking forward to seeing you bloom even more in 2017!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for taking time out to read this post. Lol, if anything it was you who inspired me to write something. I need to find a routine so that I can get back into blogging.

      Have a wonderful Christmas and remain blessed.


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