Divine Preservation and Healing – Mr & Mrs D

In the first twelve weeks of my pregnancy, I prayed fervently. I became complacent after this. By twenty weeks into pregnancy it became a complicated case. I came back from work on day and felt a pressure and went to the hospital. The nurse called the registrar, who called the consultant. The consultant said the baby was one its way and at twenty one weeks, he did not have much hope. At first I was crying from the shock. When I got in touch with some people from the church, I was reminded that I had not been taught to cry in church. Faith arose in me. I told the medical staff that I will take my healthy baby home. The consultant said he had never seen a viable delivery at twenty one weeks in his twenty five year career. I was put in large cosy room; which at the time I was unaware it was a bereavement room. The following day, I got a call from the a deacon in church who prayed “that the right team will attend to me”. As the new shift started, a doctor came to me saying that he was taking me to theatre. He appeared very hyper and I kept asking him whether he was taking the right patient. He said, he could do something to sustain the pregnancy”, but there was a danger of the baby’s membrane rupturing. The initial registrar that came in to tell me about the risks, ended up praying and praising with me when she found out that I was Christian. On the day of the operation the nurses also had their strike that day. The consultant did the best he could do under the circumstances. I was discharged four days later.

Three weeks later, my water broke and I went to the hospital. I did not go into labour and was discharged from the hospital two weeks later.

At twenty eight weeks, I finally went into labour and delivered a son.

I had met Pastor David a few weeks before and he said the pregnancy would be persevered. The midwife who delivered the baby said the baby had being preserved despite the cord around his neck. They said he under developed lungs and a bleed in his brain. They gave him seventy percent survival chance. This went on for a few days. We saw Pastor David last December, who told us to anoint him and confess the Word over him. We did this to him daily in the hospital. A brain scan was done and nothing abnormal was found. They also said he needs oxygen and physiotherapy when he comes home. He did not need them when home. At the check in July, the same doctors could not believe how much he had grown. To God be the glory.

Morning testimonies speaker,

For all the future mothers out there, to all those who have received one report or another from a professional; remember that God has the final say, confess the Word over your situation, over your baby, over your marital destiny, over your health and back it up with faith.

I am proud to say this testimony is from a couple that come to my church 😀 and every week we hear amazing testimonies. For the new comers that come to our church, my pastor tells them “come to our church and key into the Word that is given weekly for three months and if nothing changes within those 3 month…you can leave and find another church”. So ladies and gentleman, if you haven’t already got a church, let me invite you to mine and by God’s grace your life will not remain the same again.

My church is an international church, we have branches across the world- click here to find out the branch near you: Winners Chapel International or you can message me here for more information.

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2 thoughts on “Divine Preservation and Healing – Mr & Mrs D

  1. So today, I heard another fantastic testimony in regards to fruitfulness. Our God is a God of timing and purpose.

    There was a lady who was married and after fifteen years was still yet to give birth. When she finally feel pregnant, she had a miscarriage; infact the doctor said the foetus was already half aborted and that she had to make an appointment to flush it out :(.

    Weeks later the lady woke up from a dream and said to her husband that she dreamt that her stomach had recieved a laying of hands (now I am not sure if this was the main pastor who resides in Nigeria or another prophet). After she told her husband she told her husband that she can feel movement in her stomach.
    Her husband asked, “what kind of movement, you’ve been told to rest that we can’t do anything for now”.

    The lady got into labour and gave birth.

    It doesn’t end there…

    On the day of the baby’s naming ceremony she told her husband that she felt tired and can still feel movement in her stomach….

    Ladies and gents…15 days later she gave birth to another baby boy.

    We might be coming to the end of the year but God can still turn your situation around.


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