Bartimaeus’ Faith

So his testimony…

Bartimaeus was blind, he asked Jesus to receive his sight and immediately he received it.

This is probably one of the shortest testimony that I will ever write on this blog, however, one of the most powerful. When I encountered the Word that was associated Bartimaeus’ testimony, I was blown away, so yes…not only am I writing this as my own personal record but also writing to minister to someone out there too.

The full events is written in Mark 10:46-52.

Within those scriptures, two things stood out to me:

  1. Jesus said that “he’s faith made him whole”.
  2. Bartimaeus actions and behaviour leading to the above statement.

Let’s start with the statement…”thy faith hath made thee whole…”. We should note that although Jesus possess the power to operate and heal, He never once said that “My power has healed you; instead He said your faith did it. He said it to Bartimaeus (Mark 10:52), he said it to the woman who had a flow of blood for twelve years (Mark 5:34) and the man who was healed from leprosy (Luke 17:19).

The Bible conveys that faith heals us, it gives us answers, in a nutshell; what happens to us is determined by our faith (Hebrews 11:34). Faith is the key to exploits. By faith, you can demand from life. Life is not about what you deserve.

My second point is in relation to Bartimaeus actions and behaviour. I think now will be a good opportunity to break down the scriptures Mark 10:46-52.

From the moment Bartimaeus was aware that Jesus of Nazareth was in Jericho, he knew that this was his opportunity to receive his healing. Prior to this he had heard about Jesus and all that He was doing…so he had faith. Testifiers, his miracle was already coming because “Faith cometh by hearing and by hearing the Word (Romans 10:17).

Bartimaeus cried out to get the attention from Jesus. But would you believe, the people in the crowd, his church, people of the same religion as him…people of the same background wouldn’t allow him get to Jesus. They told him “No, you can’t do that. You have to sit down and be quiet”. If we relate this part of the testimony to this day and age, most of us have our miracle around the corner but sometimes we allow it to pass us by because we listen to tradition and as a result we sit down and keep our mouth shut….that is not faith. Faith begins to speak and is persistent.

Despite the crowd efforts to keep blind Bartimaeus quiet, he cried out even louder to Jesus; to the point that Jesus stood still and commanded that Bartimaeus should be brought to him. Praise God. Jesus heard that cry of faith.

The crowd cannot keep him quiet now…they had to help him get to Jesus…

and he (Bartimaeus), casting away his garment, rose, and came to Jesus – Mark 10:50

The garment of a beggar was casted away.

The garment of his past was casted away.

The garment to say that “I’m blind” was casted away.

He left his garment in the dust, he left it behind and went to Jesus, when the healing was received he never even went back for it.


I am not sure how this testimony is ministering to you today, but for me…I will be wearing the garment that says I have favour when I enter interviews, I will be wearing the garment that says I am healed whenever flu is attempting to attack me or pain is trying to show itself off. I will be wearing the garment that says for He has given me strength whenever the devil tries pricks me with weakness.

What you wear physically speaks volumes of you, it is no different to what you wear spiritually.

Shout out to everyone who has encouraged me to continue with this blog; particularly those who have sent their testimonies.

I pray the blog continues to encourage someone out there, I pray the testimonies you read will boost your faith to achieve your heart desires according to God’s will.




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