“Tainted” – Benjamin Bennett

Evening Testimony Speakers,

Would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported me with this blog by sending me their testimonies, they have all one way or another ministered to me and I am sure to our readers as well. I pray that all your testimonies are perfected in Jesus name.

Readers, thank you for reading the posts published too, the comments and suggestions have exercised my commitment to this blog – so I am very grateful. My prayer for you is that before the end of the year, you shall receive your own breakthrough and have a testimony to share with us or even with someone out there.

We have had a lot of writing recently, so this month it is about short, sweet and powerful testimonies.

Today, I am featuring a video of a testimony told to us as a poem (apologise in advance if you have seen this before – but yes..we praise God.

I was opportune to speak to him very briefly about his poem a few months back he said, “to him it is a testimony that explains the struggles he went through at a particular point in life”… have a listen…to such beautiful talent.

Three points…

ONE – The testimony fits into the category of lust and soul ties; back in February this year, God gave me strength to do a whole series on that topic, there are numerous testimonies and suggestive guidance to how to overcome lust. Click here for more information. posts and testimonies.

TWO – A line that stuck to me and probably affects most:

…use sex as a crutch to support unstable relationships because we fornicate more than we communicate.

Even when considering marriage, sex alone is not enough to keep a husband and wife together. The effect of a sexual act is not lasting compared to your (future) spouse who communicates well with you.

Communication is vital, listening to him, listening to her; respecting one another opinions; in fact good communication benefits all aspects of our lives.

Sex outside marriage only comes with one substance…soul ties, and maybe emptiness, there is nothing in it to stable your relationship, let us not deceive ourselves.

Three –  Asking God for forgiveness, means God forgiving ALL your sins, you become a new creature, no more scars and no longer tainted. Do not every feel you are in too deep in sin that you cannot be forgiven. You are wrong…


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