Restoration of Missing Child- Abimbola O

Happy New Month everybody. Whatever expectation that you had at the beginning of the year that has not be delivered yet – may it be delivered this month. The ninth month is always the time for deliveries.

When reading or hearing any testimonies; come expectant.

Have a fruitful and elevating month.


On Thursday as I listened to DOMI radio (Winners internet radio), I heard Bishop Oyedepo talking about a woman who was missing for three months and had lost her mind. All she said was “take me to Canaanland” (Winners Chapel Lagos). She was taken to Canaanland, prayed for and her mind was restored. The following morning, I received a text from a pastor friend in Nigeria informing me that a child was missing and that I should join them in prayer.

I connected my prayer to the testimony I heard the night before and I asked God for the child to be found in three months. The Holy Spirit said three months was too much; so I changed it to three weeks. Again, the Holy Spirit said it was too long. I changed the prayer to three days, but heard it was too long yet again. I finally said three hours and I began to pray from 6AM. By 8AM, I received a text from the same friend stating that the child had being found. Praise God.

– Abimbola O

An amazing testimony that touched the heart of many people in my church.

So what can I bring out from this testimony to encourage you this week…?


For answers, for turnarounds or for a change in circumstances it is imperative to be prayerful and not just pray anyhow but pray with faith. It is important to have that connection with the Holy Spirit too. Here our sister, connected a testimony she heard to her prayer; when reading/hearing testimonies come expectant and take with you from that testimony…substance.

Every testimony ministers to someone one way or another (sometimes even differently) it is always a good idea to take the testimony as a spiritual tool to reenergize faith, as an aid to fight spiritual battles or to refresh our relationship with God (and more).

How has this testimony spoken to you?

If you would like to share a testimony on this blog email me at or send it via the The Multifunction Box.

Happy Thursday.



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