Fruitfulness in Soul Winning – Alex C | Finding Souls to Win…

I have a passion for soul winning for which I keyed into the covenant hour of prayer and fasting. A friend of mine that I had been praying for over the past two years called me and asking for help in stopping his drug addiction. This had been a big problem for him as he spent all of his wages on drugs. I preached the Word of God to him and invited him to church. He came to church with his friend and both of them gave their lives to Jesus Christ.

On Thursday, after the covenant hour of prayer I went out for evangelism and spoke to an individual who gave his life to Jesus Christ. When I went to pick him up for service, I had the urge in my spirit to speak to two gentlemen who also gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord.

– Alex

Last post of the month and the series. We thank God. This week I want to write about where and how to find souls.

The perfect answer is in the scripture (and for this week) John 4:35:

Do you not say, “There are still four months and then comes the harvest”? Behold I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest”!

– Words of Christ

The scripture highlights to us that there are souls around us everywhere, if we look right-left-up-down-centre; there are people ready to hear about Jesus. That is our harvest – “white and ready”. And if we cannot find our harvest… it is an indication that we have not search well.

Many of us Christians go out for outreach (an opportunity to take part soul winning) but we also have something we call in-reach? In-reach, meaning reaching out to the people we interact or transact with on regular basis. Every moment of every day we have an opportunity to talk to a lost soul…don’t turn a blind eye.

Read these two types of in reach soul winning experiences…(more testimonies)….

A Christian wife had a best friend, a best friend who was not saved and had heard nothing about the gospel. Despite this, the Christian wife alongside her husband would frequently go out for outreach. Somehow, someone asked the best friend “why not go to church”? This best friend was a chain smoker and had tried everything in her power to break the habit. She attended the church with the Christian wife and her husband. From the start to the end of the service, the bestfriend wept. When alter call was made, she was the first to come forward. She also took the packets of cigarettes, squeezed it and disposed of the packet. She looked at the husband and said “tell your wife every Sunday she must pick me up to church”.

Imagine a harvest that was white and ready…the Christian couple almost missed it.

Here is another soul winning opportunity that was taken on a normal blessed business day:

So we’ve all experience been stopped by sales person, or a charity representative persuading us to sign up. In this case it was an individual trying to persuade our pastor’s wife to sign up for a credit card. As they all do, this individual was walking after her and talking simultaneously…now pastor’s wife could have walked on but she stopped and looked at him and saw an opportunity. The pastor’s wife said “I will listen to you, if you listen you listen to me”.

The thing it is our duty to keeping praying for souls, to keep thinking souls and to keep searching for them too.

I do pray that I encouraged someone out there on soul winning, or refreshed others on the importance of soul winning. Believe in me that there are blessings in serving God – soul winning is no different.

If you have any questions about soul winning please do not hesitate to drop me a message in The Multifunction Box.


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