Soul Winning Series: Soul Winning via Personal Testimony – Bola | Leading A Conversation to Salvation

On my day off from work, I went on evangelism in my area. The first person I spoke to was a Turkish man. On sharing the love of God with him, he asked me why he should give his life to Jesus. I then shared with him my personal testimony of how God delivered me from drugs and saved me. Based on my testimony, he gave his life to Christ. The second was a Portuguese man who I shared the same personal testimony with. He had just lost his job and that if Jesus could restore his job, he would give his life to Christ. That took place on a Thursday and by Sunday morning; he called to say he had gotten another job. Praise Jesus.

– Bola

Yes, it is a short one this week but it is just as effective. I posted this testimony because it highlights the importance of how you may consider approaching the lost and leading a normal conversation to salvation.

In this section of the series, I will suggest a basic guideline of what you may want to go through as you begin to take part in soul winning.

  • Prepare yourself

It is a great a feeling wanting to take part in soul winning, and it is also a blessing once you start taking part in such activity. But like everything else in life, you must go prepared. It is not about finding the first person you see and opening your mouth to say “a b c”. Keep it in mind how you start a conversation determines how you will finish. Pray that as you speak to them about Jesus that they will understand. Even before that! Pray that your soul winning session that you will be fruitful.

  • You must find a common ground. Start where the person is (Acts 8).

Most good conversations start off with a topic both (or more) parties know something about. You may not have the same views/opinions to start off with; however you have a greater chance that something constructive will come out of that conversation. This is no different to soul winning. To engage the lost, you may need to find something that relates to his/her life. Of course you should start off with the light topics… nothing too deep. Let him/her lead you to such topics.

  • Be ready for a reaction

Everyone is different, so not everyone will be warmed to your conversation. You may get smiles and a series on “thank yous” or on the hand, you may get the uncomfortable stare, possibly even get a dose of verbal abuse. If it is the latter… do not be discouraged. Jesus in His time suffered much worse.

Believe that what you are doing now on earth will be rewarded in heaven.

One thing I recite to myself when spreading the good news to the lost (or even when writing posts to you is that I am not doing it on my own. It is not by my power or by might but through the Holy Spirit. When you’re talking about the Word to others ask for the Holy Spirit to speak through you…ask for wisdom and for favor.

Be wary of your responses also to the individuals reaction…you are portraying an example of a Christian character and they are watching you.

  • Ask guiding questions

Questions which are nonjudgmental, but requires somewhat high levels of thinking. In this case a perfect example would be : Do you have any spiritual belief?

  • Share the gospel, using your personal testimony
  • Allow them to make a decision

Soul Winning Scripture for this week: Ephesians 1:4-5

…just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love, having predestined us to adoption as sons of Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will….


The following scripture above are Apostle Paul’s words. The verses highlight that salvation is depends totally on God. When an individual has made a decision to give his/her life to Christ, it is all dependent on God; it is God who is the ultimate soul winner and He is the one who will save you according to His plan.


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