Soul Winning Series: Introduction

Hello testimony speakers,

Happy New Month….it’s August already!

Apologies for my quiet mode. I pray that you have been well and that the testimonies presented here have been a blessing and have ministered to you one way or another.

Today marks the 1st anniversary of Testimonies Speak (and that went fast)…I should treat myself to a mini cupcake…if I remember…

It has been an experience and a half, exposing me to so many inspiring writers, preachers, poets and so on. I am so excited for where this blog is going to take me  to next year…I shall keep you posted… :-D.

Thank you everyone who has supported the blog by sharing their testimony/ies. If you are interested in telling us what the Lord has done in your life in the past or just recently; please email me at or click this link here… 👉 The Multifunction Box.

And now for some new post(s)….let’s start off with a series….


This month I have decided to do a quick series on Soul Winning; a metaphorical term for evangelism. Apart from the fact that my church has recently laid emphasis on this type  of act of service to God; the amount of testimonies that have been rooted from this activity alone has been amazing. And I thought it would be a great idea to convey to you (and myself) the rewards of soul winning as Christians.

What to expect. . .

  • The meaning of Soul Winning
  • Why we should take part in Soul Winning…the benefits
  • Leading a conversation to salvation
  • Where to find souls to win

It is a short series, so I will be posting once week, alongside a testimony and a Word/scriptural relating to soul winning.

I pray the coming posts this month encourages someone out there to work for God, there are many lost people out there waiting for us just to tell them about Jesus.

I look forward to writing to you on Thursday.

Remain blessed.




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