Past Event: Christianity and the Great Sexpectations- The Debate

Hey readers, this invite has been long overdue.

Testimonies Speak is inviting you to the third “PenTalk” event after the successful “Brothers in Christ with No Game” edition. Again we are bringing you a controversial topic that is sure to have everyone heated. Sex and Christianity are almost paradoxical but they don’t have to be so join us to unpack the phenomenon that is sex over some good food and drink. There will be brilliant performances from rappers and singers in the interim so be prepared to have an insightful and entertaining evening.

Don’t be intimidated by the topic folks;all opinions are welcome !!!



Host: Cristine

Blog website:

Her Testimony

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I haven’t forgotten you ladies and gents, I will be back with more testimonies. If you would like to share a testimony write it in here : The Multifunction Box


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