What Kind of Friend Are you? Proverbs 17:17

The Bible indeed has all the answers to all your questions in life.

For months now (up until this week), I was convinced I did the right thing by ending my long term friendship with someone. It just seemed like circumstances and life changes stressed the friendship and the best, quick solution at the time seemed to be to wash my hands off completely. The “fake peaceful feeling” turned into “fleshy” deep negative feelings towards this individual. Hatred, pride almost started to poke itself within me. Feelings that do not come under God’s character.

Prior to all this my friend and I have never once argued or had a disagreement before. It was clear to me that when things got tough and unpleasant, I took the easy way out without even consulting God on what to do first. I took control of the situation which lead me into disliking my friend even more – yikes! I even forgot the definition of what a true friend is in the process. The love was far and hidden.

This week after 4 months, the whole situation troubled me, to be honest the love was going further away, chai the devil is a liar. I decided to talk to a sister in Christ (who also knew the type of friendship I and this individual had) and she brought me the scripture Proverbs 17: 17. Straight away I knew I failed as a friend…my actions and emotions did not correspond with the Word. My approach was completely wrong.

My next step… I asked God what to do.

What did I do? I wrote to my friend, explaining what my role as a friend should have been and will be from now.

My friend has not replied yet but I know my God is in control of the situation.

What weight off my shoulders.

What did the Scripture teach us?

When it comes down to friendship, there is a difference between knowing someone really well and being a true friend. Evidence of genuine friendship includes loyalty, our availability in times of distress and personal struggles. The presence of a friendship type of love, not because of what we have done but in spite of what we have done. The love is not conditioned – Does that kind of love ring a bell to you?

I once read if you want to be loved, you must love the other fellow first. This is why you see one person with many friends and another with none. The humble person, who goes out of their way to be friendly, will have more friends than they can count.

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Remain Blessed.


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