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On behalf of Bright Serenity, Testimonies Speak is inviting you to:

‘The God Experience’ 

The Vision

We are now in the end of the end times and so now more than ever it is of necessity to know your God.

The time where you were able to base your entire Christianity on ministers or preachers is now over. You MUST know God. In this season for anyone who isn’t experiencing God, their salvation may not be able to withstand the terrible times.

But the good news is that God is waiting for you so that He can manifest Himself to you and in you.

The bible has shown us that one of the ways in which we can encounter God is through Worship. The prophet said, “bring me a minstrel” 2 Kings 3:15

The God experience will be a night of on uninterrupted undiluted worship for you to experience God for yourself.

Come with everyone you know and let us experience God together.


Bright Serenity is a ministry whose main focus is realigning each person to the greatness of their destiny and purpose which can only be fulfilled in Christ. We do this through a number of avenues including annual conferences and University visits throughout the year. We will now also be holding our first ever Worship Night entitled ‘The God Experience’ which we invite you to!

Entry is free but registration is required at

Date: Saturday 20th June 2015
Time: 6pm – 9pm
Venue: Union Jack Club
Sandell Street
SE1 8UJ London

Looking for a Gospel concert… here’s one:

Yep! Annastasia Baker a UK based Gospel, Inspirational, Soul singer and performing artist, winner of the 3rd Series of Time2Shine will be peforming at the the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire London. TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW!!!!! FOR £20.

Come along and be blessed by her ministry.

Register/Get your tickets now! And I look forward to meeting you at the mentioned event(s)

If you would like to share a Christian event on the Testimonies Speak blog, email or drop me a message in the Multifunction box for more information.

Now the late testimony for this week, short simple but powerful.

Let us speak the word with faith this week and and record our instant testimonies to share with everyone. Have a blessed week.

Speak The Word – Rita

I attended the recent Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) session. I want to thank God because I can now read the Word of God and apply it with better understanding. Where we live, there is a parking problem so after WOFBI, I decided to apply the Word into real life siutations. When I am driving out, I would say to the space that “I am coming back to park and the space would be unoccupied when I return. This happened a number of times. Just yesterday, when I was leaving, somebody was waiting to park in the space. My son said: “I should forget about my prayer”. I replied back to him. “As I have prayed, I will have it”. As I was coming back the person that parked was there was just moving out…Hallelujah.


*Laughs* – Praise God.



2 thoughts on “Events… |Speak The Word – Rita

  1. Simple but powerful,but what more testimony is greater than being able to read,understand and apply God’s word..What more?
    Great events right here too,been procrastinating on doing a post on some upcoming events I’ve too. .this post has spurred me into doing it already

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right. The testimony has got me reading the Word to catch a Word for the week – so any negative thought will be fought with the Word.

      The events has been sitting in my mailbox for a long while now…🙈.

      Thank you for reading and and commenting on the post sister.


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