Thinking of You New Graduates 🎓 | Testimony – Miss F.O.

We are at that time of year where some of you (soon to be graduates) are approaching your last exam. Keep going – you are almost there. For those who have finished, CONGRATULATIONS! I guess its PARRY TIME for you 🎉🎊. For others, they have begun the job hunt!

As you are job hunting, this is the time to familiarise yourself with the Word and remain steadfast. Trust God and know who your Almighty Father is and what He represents; especially when doubt, depression, anxiety and stress try and come knocking on your door. But that is not your portion in Jesus name. Be specific in prayer with the type of job you desire, communicate with God to see if it falls in line with His will. Ask God for divine favor every time you submit an application form or attending an interview. Be opened to other opportunities that have the potential to lead you into your chosen career/job, branch out and get connections. One thing a lot of graduates who are in graduates job roles (including myself) have discovered is that a degree is only a small but essential ingredient of what is required to get a graduate job. You need to make connections; whether that means working voluntarily in an establishment for weeks to months or going to exhibitions or joining Linkedin – it makes all the difference. Continous Learning; unfortunately in today’s world, your last exam doesn’t mean you should never touch a textbook again. I am not saying everyone should get a Masters or PhD (it is not for everyone) but make it your business to get onto courses and develop yourself with new skills. The time between your final year in the university and your graduate job should be colourful and should show proofs of proactiveness. Yes my God is a God of miracles but you need to do the work and keep applying until you get the job you want. DAfricanLady

Testimony: Unusual Favour – Miss F.O.

On a Tuesday night I made an online application for a role that I knew I clearly was not qualified for. I attended the prayer hour on Wednesday morning and asked God for favour concerning the application. On that same Wednesday, I received a call from the agency asking If it was okay to forward my CV to the client, I said yes. On Thursday morning I put the application before God during the prayer hour and by Thursday  afternoon, I was invited for an interview. I went for the  interview on Friday and although the interview was tough, God granted me favour with the interviewer. The following working day I was contacted directly by the company offering me the job. I called the agency they were surprised that the company contacted me directly to offer me job, the agency later confirmed  the offer and said they had never had it done in that order before. Not only that; the representative from the agency personally brought the contract over to my office for me to sign at my convenience. I thank God Almighty for speed and unusual favour. Miss F.O.


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