Let’s Talk About Rejection | Testimony – Geena

Hey future testifers,

I hope you are all well. Happy New Month, I can not believe we are in the 5th month of the year already!!!! I thank God that He has been wonderful to you and I and giving us reasons to thank Him.

I am finally posting on the right day this week – it is well. Lol. With a beautiful testimony and a few words from me. There are alot more words regarding this topic coming up soon by God’s grace.

Enjoy the post and God bless.


Let’s Talk About Rejection


 Let’s talk about rejection.

That disease that paves into our lives due to the lack of our attention.

Never really using the scriptural Word for our protection


Rejection actually acts like a tree with a bitter root

As it can only produce bitter fruits

Fruits like unforgiveness and jealously

Re-infecting wounds emotionally


It is an illness that attacks our purpose in life and self-esteem

Cured by just remembering Psalm nighty four verse fourteen


Sometimes we enter a room confident, that we’re not going to be accepted?

That we as people or our views are not worth to be noted, respected or selected.

But wait, have we forgotten who our Father is, the one who died for us and resurrected?


It is only through Him that we can know our identity

Deserved to be loved, valued and known for our beauty.



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Testimony – Geena


I had great friends, I have never felt a true friendship until last year? Why? Because I found out who was true and the characteristics of Love. In Christ. In that, God has blessed me so much with not only 1 friendship, but an army full of friends. Friends who make me feel loved, important, special, who point me to Christ, who encourage, who make me laugh, who cries with me, prays with me, and so much more! When I was feeling alone, I had to learn how to form a solid friendship, relationship, bond, trust, and communication with the only friend I needed, Christ Jesus, and when I knew my identity was in him and his friendship, he blessed me with more! I’m no longer in this alone! You don’t have to be either! Don’t settle with the friends you’re unhappy with! I promise you, God will give you the people you need, and not only one, but a support group of them! He’s so good and he wants to bless you with these friendships!
“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17


What shaped you to be the person you are today! Share parts of your story, anon or known! 🙂


One thought on “Let’s Talk About Rejection | Testimony – Geena

  1. Reblogged this on Sistertosister53's Blog and commented:
    ” I do hope this will be an encourage blessing for someone….This is a message that I do believe we have all tasted. I know I have, and I Thank God that He was there for me to do what He knew I needed to press forward.” Know that Jesus Christ knows all things. Never stop your conversation with Him.” Amen!! God Bless you Sister for sharing!


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