Dead brought Back to Life – Austin J | “Y’all need to Praise Him”

 Dead brought Back to Life – Austin J.

Apart from the fact that this mind blowing testimony has been on my Dashboard for ages, it has been a LONG while since I have featured Winners’ Chapel on this site, so this week is the week.

On June 30th 2014, my wife was due to give birth in the United States and was scheduled for two major surgeries; a hernia repair and caesarean section (CS). The CS was successful as the baby was delivered without complications but during the hernia repair, my wife bled profusely and screamed that she would die. I rebuked the statement and said she would not die but live. She was rushed to intensive care unit and later confirmed dead. She was dead for seven and a half hours. The zonal pastor came to the hospital with Bishop Oyedepo’s photograph, a mantle (anointed cloth), anointing oil and the communion. He placed the picture on her head, placed the mantle on the tummy and anointed her body. He gave me the communion on her behalf and believed she would experience the resurrection power of Jesus. The medical team left the room because they were discouraged. Through faith, we engaged in praise and worship for seven and a half hours and as we did the power of God surged into her and she came back to life. To God be all the glory.

“Y’all Need To Praise Him”

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord…

A scripture from Psalm 150:6 conveying to us that God expects us all to praise Him. Praise is not an activity that should be done when only convenient but should be experienced continuously. It also should not be done depending on the circumstances but at all times. We should praise Him not only for what He has done for us already, but also what we expect from Him (in fact a praise addict always focuses on what is written in the Word and not what is happening in his/her surroundings).

Never underestimate the power of praise. Why? Because it is a catalyst that turns the written Word into testimonies for us (Psalm 119:162).

I rejoice at Your word, As one who finds great treasure.

David wrote in that scripture: rejoicing at His Word, praising God as if he had already won the prize. Imagine, praising God for something that he hasn’t got physically but praise Him expectant (for that prize). That is one serious type of faith.

Let’s pause for a second.

As humans we love to be praised. Married couples I’m sure you love being getting praises from your spouse. Likewise employees from their employers, children from their parents. It’s a part of us. Getting praises makes us want to do more of that activity/task etc, makes us want to go out of our way a bit more – just to get that praise.

Now how you think God’s feels when you praise Him? Is it not more than just great. Don’t you think praising Him will make Him want to do more for you? Give you your miracles, your testimonies? Let me type it here as I heard it in that service:

The degree of His presence is dependent on the degree of your praise.

The more fearful your praise, the more dangerous your miracles.

– David Oyedepo Jnr.

Finally, I want to point out that praise is the key to unanswered prayers (Philippines 4:6).

 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

We can pray and pray and pray but as the scriptural indicates sometimes prayer is not enough it needs to come with praises, with thanksgiving.

As you praise God for your testimonies tonight, I pray that you are also expectant and have that faith to go with it.

I pray this post has blessed you.

Hey testifiers! How are you all doing?

Apologise for been late with this weeks’ post. It has been a very busy week as I am currently in transition between so many things.

So firstly, I just want to give thanks to God and to you too; for touching this page, reading through and giving me your testimonies to share. I actually feel blessed. To the glory of God, I am having amazing people voluntarily messaging/emailing me their testimonies. Praise Jesus! Na God O.

If you have a testimony to share, do not hesitate to message me via The Multifunction Box or email me at If you want to share your testimony as a poem or music that will be great too.

Anonymity is upon request.



2 thoughts on “Dead brought Back to Life – Austin J | “Y’all need to Praise Him”

  1. Glory Be to God In The Highest👏👏☝Awesome Father☝That was another Bless Testimony. God Bless that family in The Name of JESUS CHRIST…Praise will continue coming out of my mouth.💕🙌🙌🙏🙏 God Bless you daughter!!

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