For Unto Us A Child is Born… – Natalie | “HER!”

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Christmas always takes me back to the time when I saw the world through the eyes of a child. That’s because my childhood was magical, not perfect nor without hurts, but magical nonetheless. It was the result of a Divinely engineered coming together of extraordinary people in an extraordinary place at an extraordinary time. I say that with a humble heart because I know it was and is a privilege not afforded by all people.

My childhood was so out of the ordinary in fact that I can recall the exact moment in time it came to an end. It was in the cessation of a beating heart that the reality of it shattered like the pieces of a breaking mirror. Not only was the magic and innocence of it lost forever at that moment, but the devastation left me fragmented and it severed my hold on the handle of anything that nurtured my faith. Then close on the heels of that life-altering experience, I was swept away into the uncharted waters of young womanhood and the inevitable trials that accompany aging and marriage. Those events added to the continuing and inconsolable sorrow of my father’s death left me turning a deaf ear to the Lord’s “still, small voice” as well as a blind eye to His abiding presence in my world.

After nearly a decade of watching me, lost and brokenhearted, wander deeper into the “wilderness,” He sent an angel of mercy into my world. Ironically the Divine messenger was a child, my baby girl, who would and did touch my heart in a way no other mortal had been able to. In her smile, in the twinkle of her eyes, and in the beauty of her heart, a heart more loving and gentle than any I’ve ever known, I found my way, step by step by step, back into the Lord’s keeping. Oh come let us adore the Christ who finds a way to speak to the child in us all!

Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory. ~Romans 8:17   ✝


Check out her blog to find out more about her and more testimonies. She is indeed a graceous blessed woman.

Sacred Touches

This is not related to the above testimony by the way. However, my thoughts eventually lead me into this piece.

Dedicating it to my Mum and every mother, future mothers, lady and girl (and the future him).


Girl, Sister, Lady, Aunty, Wife, Mother, Grandmother…HER.

Worth more than rubies. Beautiful and precious in God’s eyes.

The lady with scarlet lips, with dove’s eyes behind her veil, ready to say “I do”, be submissive and treasure his life in her care with her rich unconditional love.

The temporary holder and protector of future heirs and her generation of royalty. Nine months of the exhaustive journey but at the end, well pleased to see God’s gift and the smile on her husband’s face. Yes HER.

She enhances her husband reputation and brings up her children in the way of the Lord. Word says she is patient, kind and gentle,  I concur… HER.

The virtueous woman, the woman of balance, the missing rib of her husband. The representation of her home. The neck of her spouses’ head. The encourager…HER.

She silently works hard behind the scenes, gluing broken pieces, plastering scares and filling gaps, sometimes playing role of a mother and father and no complaints… HER

With the help of the Lord, she has an answer before he finishes saying “problem”, she has the food sorted before he thinks hunger. She fights his  battles with prayer. The ones he sees and the ones he does not see… God gave HER the ability to dilutes his fears with softly spoken words, words of motivation, words that make the impossible look possible, words that make failure look like an opportunity. Words that make them feel like achievers, winners and conquerors.

This is the woman who loves her Lord, her husband, the children and then herself.

She is selfless. She is a woman of God.

Appreciate your lady, wife and even daughters today, they do alot more than we think.



3 thoughts on “For Unto Us A Child is Born… – Natalie | “HER!”

  1. God Bless yes it does take step by step back into the Loving arms of JESUS CHRIST… He had never left us…He has always been there with us, and we didn’t even know it. His an Unconditional kind of God. He has no way has changed His still the same. And He amaze me how He works there others to hope we can see its Him. God bless the young lady sharing her testimony. And God bless you for the Bless Mother Day Blessing. Shalom! Agape! 🙌🙌💕

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