Lust ≠ Love Series: “Lust, I can’t beat it!” 😣 | Testimony – Samantha B

Today’s post will be divided into two parts.

Part 1 will explore the potential reasons as to why we find it hard to break the chains of lust. Part 2, is testimony time from a featuring blogger, whoop whoop!

As stated in the introduction, this is a series is based on sexual sin. However, this post can be applied to other forms of lust, so before you switch screen, please leave keypad alone and read on.“Lust, I Can’t Beat It!” 😣

“Nah, what have I done? This HAS to be the last time. This has to stop!”

*Two weeks later*

“Not, again *hands on head*. Lord can you forgive me again, I’m sorry.”

Sexual lust comes with shame and guilt. It is almost easy to say you’ll never do it again and make promise after promise but then a few days, weeks, months maybe years down the line you find yourself in that box of situation ready to fall for the same temptation, ready to make the same promise again. Being unable to fight against lust is discouraging; it does indeed dilute your spiritual passion and causes words to evaporate from your prayers.

So why can’t I beat Lust?

After some serious reading, it became clear to me that people’s method for resisting lust could be misguided.  Firstly, it is important that you understand GOD’s standard of what it means to obey Him (don’t lean on your own understanding). To do this you need to read the Word. Most of us Christians know we need to obey God, but do you explore as to why you need to obey Him, the consequences of obeying of Him. You need a reason to give to the devil when he invites you to a lust party.

Secondly, I am just going to write this as a question. Do you put your faith/hope in God or [your name] and your own abilities to overcome temptation?

Put your hope in the right source of power. Remember your abilities has limitations…

Finally another question, who are you overcoming lust for? Who is your motivation? Are you doing it for yourself so that you can “feel” like a pure (better) person? Or are you genuinely doing it to please God?

Read this extract from Joshua Harris from the book “Sex Is Not The Problem (Lust Is)“:  To overcome lust, Joshua used himself as his motivation…bad mistake…

I wanted to be able to say I hadn’t sinned. I wanted to show God how good I could be and how worthy I was.

But of course it all fell apart. After I sinned again, my motivation crumbled. I didn’t feel pure or worthy of God’s love. My guilt made me reluctant to pray. So I tried harder to muster the willpower to stop lusting. This only led to more discouragement and frustration. Even when I revised my own standards – “I won’t do it again for nine months! – the whole cycle repeated itself again.

And by the way to have that shame after breaking God’s command is a gift. I personally will be more worried if I felt inert after breaking God’s command. I need that awareness for when I have done something wrong. I need those feelings of conviction and guilt as I see it as my process of repentance and restoration. So if you’re feeling guilty, stay calm and just reach out for the Lord.

If you find yourself not feeling guilty after committing sin, my advice would be to revaluate your relationship with God. It is a potential sign that you have lost that connection with God and may need to bring it back on track by giving your life to Christ. It is never too late. (I recently found a good prayer for you to pray on your own if you want to re/dedicate your life to Jesus. Just message a request and taadaa…reply come fast fast.

Testimony – Samantha B

Featuring blogger alert (DaFruits). So here we have it the testimony for the week.

DaFruits of My Testimony.(Exposing the spirit of lust).❤️

We must stop trying to hide our sins from God, for He sees and knows all.

For many years I struggled with the spirit of lust. I struggled with this spirit from as long as I can even remember. I was unable to overcome the sexual desire of masturbation, which later grew into a pornography addiction.

Being young and female I fought this battle alone. I believed I was the only one going through this, and I did not want anyone to know. I tried to fight this battle alone but being a growing Christian I had no idea how to. I fought according to my own strength which always led me to a dead end.

Masturbation is the topic that the church does not so often talk about and it was a topic that I longed to hear being discussed in the church because I felt that I was the only one, the only female, the only child, who was going through this, I felt abnormal. Yes honestly I felt abnormal, why couldn’t I be like every other kid? I couldn’t imagine any other kid having to go through this, I wished went through something else, I wished my battle was different.

Satan made me believe for a long time that I could try but I would end up back in the same place again. Satan often deceived me into believing that my sin was ‘ok’, that I could just play with repentance, and go back to sin after all ‘God understands’, but just because ‘God understands’ does not mean it’s ‘ok’ to sin, and just because ‘God understands ‘does not mean it’s ok to stay in
sin. Just because He loves us does not mean we are supposed to stay sin. God Loves Righteousness and not sin.

The more I tasted sin the more I hurt the Holy Spirit and I hurt myself.


Check out the full version here:

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“Come here and listen, let me tell you what God has done for me” – Psalm 66:16 (NKJ)


2 thoughts on “Lust ≠ Love Series: “Lust, I can’t beat it!” 😣 | Testimony – Samantha B

  1. Wow. This post really hits home for me. I’ve battled with lust for YEARS and as a female I always feel as though I’m the only one going through it. I look forward to reading more posts relating to lust and sexual sin. God bless sis! xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 👐 I thank Jeus the post ministered to you. By the mighty power of Jesus you have you have beaten the battle of lust. Your testimony has arrived and has being perfected. Yay!

      Thank you for reading it though, much appreciated. Stay blessed.


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