My Research into Real Science Begins… The first month of the year hasn’t even ended. It hasn’t even been a week since I finished the prayer & fasting period and already one of my main prayer point(s) has been answered. Thank you Lord!

So what is my testimony?

It was in December that I changed my approach and mind-set into the way I applied for jobs (there was no point in starting in the New Year when I could have started that very minute). God surrounded me with the right people at the right time during that period.

I also had this! The testimony blog, which encouraged and ministered to me in more ways than one.

God is great, my interviews for this post happened to fall in the prayer and fasting period, Talk about God’s timing! I made it my duty to focus on a prayer against stagnation. To help me out I purchased a booked called “Overcoming Stagnation” by David Abioye, I keyed into the sections I read and prayed along to God’s Word.

I asked for favor and for Him to speak through me, that I am representing Him as his daughter of Zion. I also keyed into the anointing oil, as in I would take sip of it in my mouth (it’s not about the taste, its faith).

The final thing I did…lol involved the mantle (an anointed cloth, 1 Samuel 15:27). My plan was just to carry it in my bag. As I was just about to leave, my mum jokingly said, “if I were you I would put the mantle under my wig cap. . .” Guess what I did readers lool.

I got a new job everyone!


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