Poem: Mercy – Jemilea Wisdom


I write it on my forehead with an imaginary marker
My reflection in the mirror
Is the flesh, I the viewer sees
Instead of the master.
Guilt penetrating my emotive senses,
Punishment I feel is necessary for recompenses
Recognition of my sin causes me to burden myself
Cultivating non existent chains to bind and break my spiritual health.

a result of spiritual anorexia
Scriptual bulimia,
undigested truths
I cant stomach,
regurgitated manna, stuck in my tooth.
Cramps, pain,
rampant, aches
Sickly, scrawny and underweight.
I’m so ashamed,
Hide under baggy clothes to escape the gaze
Of the ‘saved’ and ‘sanctified’
I hibernate for days.
Beating myself down for my mistakes.
Remorseful, regretful, repentant

Yet I avoid confession,
Unable to fall on my knees
Ignoring the advocate
Shunning the throne of grace.
I cease
Lost in self pity.

Blinded by disgrace

Yet patiently waiting…
Is his loving embrace
I fight through condemnation
To be comforted by mercy
Saved from damnation,
although I’m unworthy
I rise.
To change.
I rise
to proclaim


How can I remain the same?
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I rememeber when I first met Jemilea at an Open Mic event. By the way, when I say met her…I mean sitting in the audience and listening to her poem and continuously clicking my fingers (check the link below)….and then thank God for social network, I asked her to feature in the Testimony Blog with her own personal testimony as a poem. *Happy Times*

Anyway, Our God of Mercy.

I just want to encourage people out there, that no matter how messed up you think your life is, no matter how deep in sin you think you are in.. God is a forgiving God, He is a merciful God.

His mercies are new every morning.- Lamentations 3:22-23

All you have to do is cry out to Him: “Lord I cry to You for Your mercy”.

He is waiting for you, always was, always is and always will be.

How comforting is that knowing this, hmm?


 If you would like to share a testimony through your talent or just by writing a paragraph/essay, email me at your_testimonies@aol.co.uk or click on the  Multifunction Box .



3 thoughts on “Poem: Mercy – Jemilea Wisdom

    1. Lool, thank you for reading the post. God indeed is a great God. Imagine the number of things we do wrong, verbally, mentally, physically, the ones that are intentional and the wrong doings we don’t even know – yet His mercy, his forgiveness is available.

      Lord I thank you.

      Princess, please feel very free to feature in this blog with your own personal testimony.


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