Fruitfulness – Winner’s Chapel Testimonies No.2

Miracle Baby After Four Unsuccessful IVF Treatment – Bunmi A

I got married just before my 33rd birthday and got pregnant immediately but had a miscarriage. I was told by the doctors that my body will get rid of the miscarriage naturally. After some time I went to the doctor as I was not feeling well but was told that there was nothing they could do. My monthly period started getting heavier as we started believing God for another baby. We saw the gynaecologist who diagnosed fibroid. Despite two procedures the doctors were undecided whether to remove the fibroid or not. I realised that there was a problem when the professionals were undecided as to how to proceed. I saw another gynaecologist who said I had an infection which blocked one of my tubes. I was told I would get pregnant within a few months with medication. I was then referred for IVF treatment. I had four IVF treatments but none was successful. I was told to look for surrogate mother instead as all medical procedure had been exhausted. My husband was not happy with the idea and we never stopped believing God for the whole period. Pastor David said on a certain Sunday in 2011 and also during the European Winners’ Convention of the same year of fruitfulness was my portion and that someone will become a surprise to the doctors and family members. I had counselling with him in 2012, and was assured that I will be fruitful. I was asked to read the book “I shall not be barren”. I was inspired by the testimonies of other people who had gone through similar challenges and I fasted and prayed. During the 2012 Covenant Day of Fruitfulness, I held on to the word of Pastor David that it is God that gives conception. The following month after the Covenant Day of Supernatural Conception, I was confirmed pregnant. I had my miracle baby after eight years of marriage. Today to the glory of God, my baby is one years old.

Two Children Within 17 Months After a Hole in fallopian tube – Nike A.

This testimony is on behalf of my Winners’ Satellite Fellowship (home cell) member. In 2012, her daughter was told she could not have a baby because of a hole in her fallopian tube. While my friend was praying that the Lord should give her a Word for her daughter, a word came from Pastor David on the pulpit from Isaiah 32:15. It says:

“Until the spirit be poured upon us on high, and the wilderness be a fruitful field, and the fruitful field be counted as a forest.”

My friend keyed into the Word, believing it for her daughter who conceived to the glory of God and had a baby. After that she also said “Amen” to an instruction when Pastor David was praying for those who were believing God for children. Her daughter conceived again, her daughter had two children within 17 months despite all medical report.

God is indeed a faithful God.

I made time to watch a BBC documentary program a while back called “Inside The Human Body: Creation” and from a person who is into Science, all I can say in a nutshell is that it takes GOD and FAITH to be fruitful. Whether you are perfectly healthy or have been tagged with a medical report; to get pregnant is an amazing miracle and we should give thanks to God always and forever by dedicating that child back to God.

Never forget that it is in God’s will for you to be fruitful:

Genesis 1:28 “…God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it…””

Psalm 127:3 “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord. The fruit of the womb is a reward”.

I know this post will touch someone today, I planned weeks before that this will be the week that I will be focusing on fruitfulness. Funnily enough Sunday service (just gone) I heard an AMAZING testimony, I could have waited for my church to transcribe it into writing but waiting will be like delaying and possibly disobeying.

A member of my church took part in outreach and approached a lady to give her a “You’re Special” leaflet. With it, he must have told her God loves her. The lady protested and told him that God has disappointed her, that she has been waiting to have a child for years (22 years to be precise), even keyed into faith by buying babywear, toys etc and yet nothing. The man invited the lady to our church and told her to key into the Word and if in three months nothing has changed, she can leave and go about her way.

One day, the man was approached by the lady and she said “I have been looking for you for a while, anyway, I wanted to give you the good news that I am two months pregnant.”

And this is after 22 years of barrenness.

No matter what the doctor/man has tagged you with, I have a God who can change around your situation.


If you have been touched by the testimony and would like to share yours with us, email me at or message me in the Multifunction Box .

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