In Love With You – Kevin Mason Jr

Happy Sunday!

*Covers face* Your Testimony Thursday is getting its post on a Sunday this week. Sorry! Especially for those who were expecting to see a new post on Thursday.

I pray you are all doing well.

I do hope you like the new, clear format of the blog, main menu and social network links on the left. I have also added a “Multifunction Box” if you would like to share a testimony, have any questions, or just seeking general word of encouragement about anything.

We have MUUSSSIC this week! From the lovely Kevin Mason. The song is called “In Love With You” featuring B.Moses.

Also thank God for social network and check out the very short twitter interview I had with him.

Enjoy and have a good week.


DAfricanLady: How did you come about with that song?

Kevin Mason: I wish I could take credit for it but it was all God. The lyrics in this song is a conversation between myself and God which He helped me turn into a song. I was at a place where my faith was new and He revealed Himself to me, His identity, His love for me and why He loves me.

DAfricanLady: How did you get to know about Jesus Christ? What made you actually give your life to Christ?

Kevin Mason: I was raised as a Jehovahs Witness so, I had a general idea about who Jesus Christ was, but never really claimed him as my Lord and Saviour. As a Jehovahs Witness we were taught that Jesus Christ was not God in the flesh and was not to be worshipped and shed His own blood on the cross for sinners. After that conversation it was then God started revealing who he was and the true need of Christ in my life.

About the artist: Kevin Mason is a new and upcoming Gospel Artist from Columbus, Ohio. Kevin, a producer/singer/musician has been singing in choirs and playing instruments all of his life, and has assisted several churches in the Columbus Ohio area with their music and vocal departments. It has been said that Kevin provides a breath of fresh air to Gospel Music and is being compared to artist both new and old. Kevin is also known for his inspiring and life changing sermons and other teachings,As a proud husband and father of three Kevin was also quoted saying “Success is only achieved when you are going where God tells you to go”, and Kevin is ready to go wherever God may lead him.

Links: Follow: @KevinMasonMusic     Blog:    Music:

If you have been touched by the testimony and would like to share yours with us, message us in the Multifunction Box.



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