Heavenly Bodyguards – Lisette Defoe

Hello again, I hope you are all doing well. October has quickly flown by and I pray you all have had a blessed and productive month.

Before you scroll down to read this week’s testimony, I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported me with the Testimony Blog (please keep them testimonies coming). It is actually only by God’s grace that I am able to post something new each week and it will by His grace that I will be able to continue. As I do so, I pray that at least one post will touch your life.

I am still keeping my ears and eyes open for feedback and suggestions…there are 5 quick tick tick questions that will give me some idea of where to direct this blog.

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And now a testimony from a featuring blogger Lisette Defoe from Michigan, USA, praise Jesus!


Last year my daughter and I went out of town. When in a new city, you don’t know the roads like the locals do. I especially tend to get nervous when turning to a one way street at night, going against traffic for example.

 This one time it was during the day and we were leaving the shopping center. I needed to turn right onto the busy road. I somehow assumed there was a hard shoulder between parking lot and the flow of the coming traffic, however there was none. My plan was to pull a bit further out before a complete stop to have a clear view of the oncoming traffic. Well, my car came to full stop before I meant to, I have to say supernaturally, as within seconds a car passed in front of us going at about 40-50 MPH. I just sat there baffled realizing that I would have been in its path and it would have hit my side of the car at that speed. I believe the Holy Spirit stopped my car when I actually planned to pull out a bit more thinking that there was a hard shoulder. I just want to say thank you Jesus for considering my daughter’s and my life precious in Your eyes.

Lisette Defoe

Check out her blog (with her numerous testimonies): Experiencing The Lover Of My Soul

Lisette Defoe currently is an independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics.


God’s Shield of Protection (Psalm 91)

Psalm 91 is a section of the Bible that displays God’s promises on protection; it covers all kinds of protection, from the fear of terror (Psalm 91:5) to plagues coming near your family (Psalm 91:10)

This testimony in particular lead me to the scripture Psalm 91:11-12

For He will give His angels charge concerning you, to guard you in all your ways. They will bear you up in their hands that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

It is actually a unique promise as it involves an additional dimension of our protection.

The words that I am giving you with this testimony today are not only words of encouragement; it is also words of awareness and maybe a reminder to someone out there. From the time we came out of our mother’s womb to now doing our everyday tasks in life, we need to realize that we have been spared from numerous unseen, spiritual battles all because of the intervention of God’s angels on our behalf. Lord have mercy, we need to thank Him.

Any time you feel alone and feel that you are in harm’s way, know that there are heavenly bodyguards, the angels are already there protecting you. I read in one book before, “there are more heavenly bodyguards fighting for you than against you”, and these are the bodyguards getting instructions from God, rendering service to those who will inherit salvation. These are the heavenly bodyguards who are…

mighty in strength…obeying the voice of His Word.

– Psalm 103:20

Let’s just take a breather and think.

And this is just one of many promises, written in one of many chapters, written in one of many books in the Bible. The question is. Do YOU believe?

You might be thinking how can I gain access to this promise in my life? The answer is faith. Faith is what releases this promise to work on our behalf.


If you have been touched by the testimony and would like to share yours with us, email your_testimonies@aol.co.uk




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