Testimony Of My Life – Segun Ajala

My name is Segun Ajala and I would like to appreciate God for what he has been doing and what he will still do in my life and my home,Luke 8:39 – Return to thine own house, and shew how great things God hath done unto thee. And he went his way, and published throughout the whole city how great things Jesus had done unto him” I will give two testimonies to the glory of God and to encourage someone reading this!

First Testimony:

I was aiming to travel from Lagos to Ibadan in Nigeria but realised when I got to the bus park I was the last passenger to board. I was so happy a space was reserved for me so I decided to wait outside the bus to relax and get some money until it was ready to set off. To my surprise one woman just came and jumped into the bus in a rush. I was trying to explain to her that the bus is full and I am just waiting to pay while the conductor dealt with another passenger. At that point I just heard the Holy Spirit telling me leave her and join another bus. At first I was reluctant to obey and tried to claim my right but the voice ministered again and I obeyed! Half an hour into the drive we got to a toll gate along the Lagos-Ibadan express road and I saw the original bus that I was supposed to get on tumble leaving all the passengers dead. As I shook in shock it dawned on me that it could have been me laying there.

I want to tell you that is good to obey the Holy Spirit. It is not ALL things you need to need fight for even when you are in the right. Let God speak to you and weigh your actions before doing it, God is still in the business of protecting his own children!

Second Testimony:

I will like to give this second testimony to encourage anyone that has lost hope or has been heartbroken. You will find that person who will value you for YOU!

There was a lady I was introduced to through my female friend and we got on well and later I asked her out. She said no, but I kept trying my best to follow her up and buy things as you sometimes do! There was a time she was out of the country so I sent her an email about my feelings towards her but she replied back with abusive language. My female friend who introduced me to her confirmed to me that her reason for saying no was because she thought I was a ‘nobody’ and not at ‘her level’. OUCH!

A while after I got a visa to travel abroad for a program and after one year eight months I changed my location on Face book and immediately got an inbox message from her. Her questions where ‘who sponsored you abroad? Which school did you say you attend? What course are you doing?’ I sent her all the answers seeing she appeared to have a difference in attitude. However, what I didn’t mention is that her attitude shift was a little too late because it came a month and some days to one of my best days on earth (read on to find out)!

She came to the country I was schooling in and sent me an inbox message and we eventually met up for lunch and chilled. I gave her a copy of my first book I have written and she asked me if am in a relationship. I said I was and asked her the same question but she responded ‘it’s a long story’ (which translates to NO).

As at this time it was one month and some days to my wedding and I brought out the wedding invitation to invite her. She congratulated me and asked me for my wife’s picture, I of course didn’t hesitate to show her my beautiful angel.

So as you can see after a rejection and period of waiting God connected me with my own beautiful wife and that values God in my life. To all singles that may think nothing can come out of life or you can’t get married because someone said no or experience of your past relationships please be encouraged! God is still in the business of giving the best to his children. God sees the future when no one does. There is your own best match God created for you. Just wait upon the Lord and he will connect you and have a godly standard.

Conclusion, I want to appreciate Dami for giving me this opportunity to share my testimony with everyone. I hope it blesses you.


Segun Ajala is the president of Chosen Generation Drama Ministries that has branches in the United Kingdom, India and Nigeria. He is Principle of Kingdom Actors Institute. He is also the writer of “Before the Curtain Falls” written to credit the glory of God.

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Evening special people, it’s Testimony Thursday.

Really love these two testimonies, uncle Segun even gave us wisdom words to add to it (Thank you!). Obedience and waiting on God’s timing. When opportune again, I will surely minister to you on these topics.

Take care,



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2 thoughts on “Testimony Of My Life – Segun Ajala

  1. Firstly, I bless the name of the Lord for your life because He even said I knw my thought for you, the thought of good and not of evil. Secondly,let me say the two testimonies are just for someone who is me because I really got something there……….to my presdo thnk u sir for the testimony, the Lord will increase you in all areas.


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