Delivered of a Baby After Three Years of Pregnancy – Adenike A.

I joined Winners Chapel in 2014 through the invitation of a Zonal Pastor. I was pregnant for three years and had been to several churches and offered several sacrifices to idols for a solution but all to no avail. I sold my belongings and spent all I had in futility; my husband also died in a motor accident during this time. I met a zonal minister during the district outreach who invited me for midweek service which was feet washing service. I refused because there was no connection between my feet and my pregnancy and said what I needed was for my tummy to be washed. The Pastor said if my feet were washed, then my whole body would be cleansed. My neighbours discouraged me about attending but I still went. During the service, Bishop Oyedepo told us to ask God what we wanted in that service and I told God I wanted to deliver my baby after the service. Immediately, I started feeling strange pains and my baby changed position. I gave birth without any operation. I give God all the glory.


Evening everybody! Nine days into October. I hope is isn’t too late to wish everyone a Happy New Month. As we draw closer to the end of the year, may the Lord continue to protect you, may he give you guidance and may He answer your year 2014 prayer points with speed. May He also perfect and cover every testimony that you have encoutered in Jesus name.

Secondly, Adenike’s testimony! Wow… the power of feet washing!

If you want to know more about the mysteries behind feet washing, click on the link below and read D’s words on Feet Washing. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment or ask a question regarding the topic.

Read, support and share.

DAfricanLady… Keep smiling



If you have been touch by this testimony and would like to share yours or someone elses with us, email



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