Breaking The Silence – Mamilen Norman

Hiiiiiii! I am so excited right now. Here today on the “Testimony Blog”, is the first testimony in form of a poem by the founder of Poetic Release.

The founder will be hosting an event, Testify this Sunday. Come and join us in a relaxed environment, where live poetry and music will take place… 3 days to go! See you there. 🙂

Ese Baba God, thank you Jesus.


In the mean time let this Testimony Speak…*clicks fingers*

“This is old but I thought to share it too. I’ll give a little back ground into it.

I had quite a tumultuous year during my final year at university. I was hurting from a heartache which really rocked my world and had missed a vital exam I had to take in my final year. The stress and pressure of that year really got to me. Though a frequent writer I stopped writing, though an encourager I didn’t feel encouraged enough to encourage. I was broken and that brokenness spilled into a few years of my  life after university. The pressure to find work, the worry about not being good enough, battling low self esteem just really led to depression and self pity. For a few years I felt disconnected from God and really alone. Funnily enough the Holy Spirit had pre warn me of that year but I hadn’t listened. In a dream given to me I saw a tornado come into an area and destroy everything. Then I heard a voice say, there is a storm coming. That storm tore down everything, all that had been planted was literally uprooted in this storm. So I saw the heavyness of this storm in my dream. Whilst in the dream I remember saying to the Holy Spirit this tornado is causing so much damage Lord, it’s destroying so much, you have to stop it. To that he replied, read psalm 91. I got up almost immediately and read psalm 91 which was speaking about the protection of God , remaining confident in God protection even when you feel your life is under attack by the enemy. Well back then I was quick to speak and slow to listen. I didn’t think what I had been shown was for me. As the zealous young christian all I wanted to do was share with everyone that the Holy Spirit had pre warn me of a storm, I wanted everyone to watch and pray and prepare, everyone but me. I didn’t ever think what if this storm is a message for me, what if something is about to happen in my life. When the year of terror struck I was so clueless. I didn’t know what to do. All the things The Lord had tried to teach me I hadn’t listened so I felt stranded and alone and abandoned, it was awful. It was in reference to this year that I got the poem breaking the silence, a prophetic poem proclaiming I will make it even though I really didn’t believe I would. Somehow God kept me and is slowly restoring my confidence and faith in him again. For a very long time, the lyrics of this poem had faith for me when I didn’t know if I could. So here is my pre testimony, pre written for me by the power of the Holy Spirit, hope it blesses and encourages you!”

Remain Blessed

Poetic Release (2008)


Twitter: @PoeticRelease

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