Identifying My Purpose – Jeff

I had been working at my GP for two years and half but never saw a future there. I felt like I didn’t have a vision for my life. I also didn’t feel like I knew what or where I would be in five years. When I was asked the question “what is your passion? Or what are your interests?” I was so lost, I didn’t have an answer.

I kept praying to God asking Him “what on earth are my interests? Lol”. A day came when something in my mind asked “Jeff, what do you enjoy doing?” I replied “exercising or showing people how to exercise”. Then another question was like “back when you were 15/16, what did you say you wanted to become??” I replied “a PE teacher or Trainer”. Then I remembered besides the Christian books in my house I have loads of men’s health magazines and exercise textbooks so it came to be that “Jeff, health and fitness is your passion”. So bingo God answered my prayer and because of it I feel indebted to Him to help people to see the importance of Healthy living.


D’s Word of encouragement: Firstly, there is a reason for you being here today. You have a purpose. No matter how insignificant you think that purpose is, in God’s eyes – it is a big thing, an important thing but most importantly your special thing. Individual A, B and C doesn’t have to understand/agree with your purpose or even the pathway on how to achieve that purpose, the vital thing is that you are obedient with what God has called you to do, then ask Him for guidance and grace to follow it through.

Secondly, the Lord is your friend; He is understanding and will listen to everything you have to say or need to ask. Jeff knew this and prayed about his situation. He eventually got his answer through the guidance of the Holy Spirit  (imagine! After he was unable to give an answer when asked by people – the Lord is amazing!). Basically, for Jeff to get the answers he needed to pursue his purpose (and identify his interests and begin his career) he needed to devote time to God, pray to Him, praise Him and read the Word.  So what am I saying? Spend time with Him. Ladies, arrange dates with Him. Gentlemen, have that man to man talk with Him, Find and spend that time with Him, so that you don’t feel like a stranger but only familiar with His voice and excited by His presence.

Stay positive 😀


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