My Eczema Story / My Testimony – Blessing

Evening, everyone!

Here is the powerful testimony, I made reference to in my previous post. It is just inspiring! If you have watched it once, I am sure you’ll agree with me, that it is worth watching again.


 Blessing, founder of Scarlet Cross Project.Scarlet Cross is a platform for women of all walks in life to express themselves through their talents

If you would like to get involved in Scarlet Cross:

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Instagram: blessinglove7

D’s of Encouragement: Our God is known to create good and beautiful things, including YOU! You didn’t choose to be the way you look, but God knew. Before you came to this world, God our Creator knew how you would turn out, He knew the details of your shape and size, from the gap in your teeth to the position of your birthmark. So now when you look in the mirror, are you actually questioning why your Almighty Father has created you the way you are? He knew you before you  knew yourselves, He knew you will be, and that you ARE BEAUTIFUL. After all, in the book of Genesis it does say that everything He created, was good.

If you have been blessed by this testimony and would like to share your own, email us at:

Until next Testimony Thursday,

Be blessed


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3 thoughts on “My Eczema Story / My Testimony – Blessing

  1. Lovely. Myself, my brothers and sisters had a similar problem but before we had ever started school. However most of our childhood was spent in Jamaica and a good remedy which always seems to work is bathing in sea water and just getting plenty of sunshine. I’m sure if you vacated to Africa for a few weeks just Being in the sea and the sun would help rapidly. Hope that helps x


    1. Thank you for that, much appreciated. Lets also appreciate that God gave us these natural resources for remedies. Only Him alone is the Healer.


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