Testimonies: What?… How? And Erm Why?


Evening all. So I thought I should post a few answers to some of the questions that you may have on testimonies. The whats, the hows and the whys.

If you do have any more questions, suggestions or feedback please do not hesitate to email me at (your_testimonies@aol.co.uk) or leave comment below at the space provided.

Share your testimonies, share the blog and God bless. 😀

What is a testimony?

A testimony is honoring the Lord by bearing witness to others about His works in your life. They are proofs of God’s visitation in our midst.

It has been said once, that a testimony is a result from a test that takes place during our moaning period, which is probably why it is called testimony. TEST …..I…….MON…..Y (Testing….in our….moans).

In a nutshell, it is an alternative way of evangelizing about the Word of God, it is a tool for encouraging others and it is a beautiful way of showing our appreciation towards God.

So why share a testimony?

  1. An important reason as to why we testify is that it is scriptural to do so. God commands us to share our testimonies, as Deborah’s song in the book of Judges 5:11says:

Far from the noise of the archers, among the watering places,

There they shall recount the righteous acts of the Lord,

The righteous acts for His villagers in Israel:

Then the people of the Lord shall go down to the gates”.

  1. We should share our testimony to continuously overcome the enemy. Revelation 12:11 (KJV) says

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the Word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives until death”.

When you share your testimony you are putting the devil to shame and giving God the glory! The devil hates this, he hates hearing that he is losing.

  1. Sharing your testimony builds and edifies. In Romans 10:17 it says

Faith cometh by hearing and hearing the Word of God…

Apart from preaching the gospel, testifying is a personal way of witnessing. It encourages and stirs up faith. If God can do it for that brethren, I believe He can do it for me also. When you share a testimony with others, your faith is boosted, is strengthened, it escalates.

  1. Testimonies invigorate and excite us. It tells us that God indeed, is very much alive. In addition to this hearing and reading testimonies makes us to 1 Timothy 6:12. Yes, that right! “Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life…” It encourages us.
  1. It could be a tool for soul winning? From experience, I have learnt that to capture an unbeliever’s attention during evangelism, I find that I need to have to find some kind of common ground. In most cases testimonies does do this.

How to share a testimony?

I should emphasis on the point that there is no actual structure into how to testify. Generally, a lot of testimonies include the following:

  • What was the situation beforehand? When did the problem arise?
  • What is the nature of the issue? Is it financial, mental, spiritual etc? Who is/are involved?
  • What was the initial action/approach used to resolve the situation?
  • How/what scriptures, divine direction(s)/instruction did the Holy Spirit lay in your heart to resolve the matter?
  • What were the results?

However, there are some testimonies that don’t have most of the above mentioned. For instance, if someone was to email me “I just turned 100 years old”…That alone is a remarkable testimony. Living 100 years in today’s environment is not a joke thing. A whole century on earth – WHAT?. May we live long in Jesus name.

Format of Testimony

A LOT of testimonies are written, shown on videos or verbally said in front of a congregation or on one to one basis.

I am praying for a flood of testimonies that are in written format , a substantial number in form of poetry. I am praying for videos, audio. Even testimonies through music and art.

This is a blog that should not be labelled as “My Blog”; it is “The Blog” for every one of you out there.

God Bless you as you read and testify.



“Come here and listen, let me tell you what God has done for me” – Psalm 66:16 (NKJ)


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