An Outsider Within Your Church

Have you ever attended church and  felt like you just don’t belong? You hear the sermons, apply it, recieve blessings and testimonies but still feel lost within the crowd of your church?

You have a burden to share, but you don’t have a church peer/prayer partner to confide in?

Are you the antisocial Christian in your church?




Cup of Blessing Two

Hey everyone,

This is an impulse, unplanned post. It is however a post that had to be written in order to appreciate everything the Lord has done for me.

Do you remember the post titled “Cup of Blessing” back in 2015? About how God had my back and providing me with solutions without me trying too hard to overcome certain hurdles – well..


When reflecting back; God didn’t finish His work there…He blessed me with divine favour (in what was then a new job), the type of favour that was enough to overwhelm me when it came to the last day of that job (last week).

During the two years whilst working in this pharma company; I did see a glimpse of my cup of blessing…rewards, bounces – you name it…But I still found a reason to complain about A, B and C, which now when I look back was a sin and a reflection of pure ungratefulness. I must say, such an action can result into someone’s stagnation without one even knowing.

However, God being merciful continued to give me  divine favour in the eyes of my work colleagues and my managers. On my last working week at the company , the expensive gifts I received , the tears I saw -it all touched me. It was at this point I had to mentally take back every complaint and every negative word said. I felt guilty, I had a conscience.

So what am I saying in this post today? Always thank God for your cups of blessing – no matter the size. When you are going through a rough patch -pause. Take a breather. And revisit the occasion that God gave you that cup of blessing.

I hope this post ministers to someone.

If not..


Typing to you soon.


Triplets after Nineteen Years

Triplets after Nineteen Years of Barrenness.

Today, we have a testimony which I heard during the Christmas 2016 period. As tradition my siblings and I make effort to attend the same church as our parents (seeing as it is family day). I was blessed by the sermon, the worship & praise but of course the TESTIMONIES.

Winners Chapel are always coming out with fire, dangerous mind boggling testimonies. It is unreal.

If you are currently still looking for a place to worship, Winners is a good grounded church.

Onto the testimony…

So I haven’t got this testimony in writing from the married couple themselves or the church (just yet), but whilst hearing the testimony…I tried my best to take notes and then after wrote it as a journal account.

I pray that despite the way the testimony is written…it will minister to you regardless – may you receive your own testimony before the end of first quarter of the year (March ’17):

…everyone including myself was applauding for the West Indian man giving his testimony.

The type of applause to say…thank you God for touching his life, giving him a testimony and let’s carry carrying on encouraging the non-Nigerians to come to our church also. 3 in 1 type of clap.

The West-Indian man has a glow on his face, a glow to indicate to any audience that what God had done for him if not touched…then stunned him and he was indeed grateful. His walk off the altar was light and caught my attention as he shook hands with neighbouring church members. All of a sudden the clapping of hands got louder and louder. I thought it was to mark the end of the testimonies session. Then along with the clapping came the loud surprising cheering. I was confused. Me and my short-self decided to stand up. Probably the most pointless action as all I saw was mainly bald heads, wigs and weaves. I then believed Pastor David Jr came on the altar as an unannounced guest.


It was after a good few minutes I understood what everyone was cheering about. A man, his wife and an elderly woman – each carrying a baby.

The man begun his testimony: “19 years of bareness, in which during this period: they went abroad and in total had 9 IVF treatments all which failed.

The testifier also mentioned it was that it was around this time last year (December 2015) that the Pastor Udoh declared that there will be a testimony that will include a man, his wife and the grandmother each carrying a baby. According to his testimony, he and his wife held on to that Word.

The new father was still telling his testimony I got on my feet… I had goose bumps. I had hope. I turned into a confident mind-set of the impossible can indeed become the possible.

The most touching part of the testimony was when the Pastor requested for new parents to come forward (to the front) to dedicate their new born babies. The testify explained at that moment that his wife came out and danced her way forward as if she already had her own child.


My account stops there.

There testifiers also keyed into the praising God.

They also keyed into the scripture Hebrews 11:30. A scripture I would like to dismantle, study and share with you today.

Hebrews 11:30



By faith the walls of Jericho fell down after they were encircled for seven days


When we revisit the account in the book of Joshua 6:1-27, it should be pointed out that the walls of Jericho did not fall on its own, neither was it due to the blowing of the trumpets. In actual fact it was due to the confidence and continuous faith in God from the priests that enabled the wall to fall.

This is type of faith is a necessity when you feel that there seems to be no change in circumstances or difficult situations. We need to remember that God has power over the human heart as he had power over Jericho, as He had power over the marriage couple believing in God for children and as He will have power in your darkest day of discouragement.

Once again in reference to the testifiers, they remain committed in continuing to praise God, despite their situation. They didn’t give up on him. They returned to Him day after day – giving him glory! God must have seen this and pour out his blessings onto them…with triplets. Praise the Lord!

I would love to hear from those who go to Winners and particularly heard that testimony ….how amazing was it to be hear that testimony.

NB: If I do get a copy of the version transcribed by Winner’s Chapel, I will post it in the comment section for you to read also.


To share a testimony, please email me at or message me via The Multifunction Box.


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Patricia’s War Book

Hey Testimonies Speakers,

Following on from the previous post, here is a testimony (and more personal words) based on  the War Room film.

2016 has been a year of FAITH. This time last year I watched a movie where a woman had a small room (war room) in her house where she prayed out loud and stuck written prayers on the wall. I do not have a small private room in my house where I can stick prayers all around; however, I was inspired to buy a book to write my prayers in. As the year went on, I wrote down my prayers and this book became my “WAR BOOK”.

Every prayer that was written in the book God answered. Prayer works!!! More importantly, it increased my belief in God and also made me more of a determined person as a whole. I achieved all the goals I set in 2016 simply because of my faith in God. Some of these goals seemed impossible even to begin to wish for at the start of the year. As I reflect back on the prayers I had written down throughout the year; I noticed that shortly after every victorious moment, there was a storm. Nevertheless, I chose to keep praying.

Each time I celebrated what I was given, I also praised God for the outcome to the ‘not yet answered’ prayers. In other words, I praised him in advance. Having faith in God became an addiction because I realised as the year went on I needed it for survival. Every moment of 2016 I needed God and he showed up. It is so easy to forget all the great things God has done, but I found that writing down my prayers allowed me to remember. I love this scripture below because it sums up the above.

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. ‭Isaiah‬ ‭54:17‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

It is important to note that the bible did not focus on the weapons forming; however, it is clearly written that the weapon will not prosper. What do you want 2017 to look like for you and your loved ones? That is entirely based on the level of faith you choose to have. Do not limit God. Jesus lives in all of us, and we all have access to him no matter who we think we are.

Throughout 2016, each moment I exercised faith, I backed it with actions by going after my dreams and desires.

“In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”James‬ ‭2:17‬ ‭NIV

I am grateful for 2016 and the wisdom learnt.



This testimony for me is so timely. Why? I’m halfway through my 21 days fasting with my church – prior to this I found myself a dusted unused 400 paged journal book and mentally (faith-ly) renamed it as my “War Book”. I decided to focus on two main prayer points and broke each of it down into sub-prayer-points and allocated each of the point made to a verse. So 21 verses. Hands down… it has been one of most effective prayer & fasting period. I believe my testimonies are around the corner. Keeping in mind that have a delay doesn’t mean that you will be denied.

This is definitely a testimony that I will be revisiting often this year.

How do you normally organise your prayer and fasting period?


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Film Review: War Room (How is Your Prayer Life?)

2017! January!

Are you pumped up ready for the New Year? New goals and new resolutions, right?

How about using this month to sort out your prayer life/prayer strategy to achieve your goals and maintain your resolutions.

I only watched this film for the first time a few months ago (covers face) and I thought what great way it would be to kick start and improve my prayer life. Unfortunately today, I have to say the thoughts never turned into actions. But just before I began to write this post I read a testimony based on this film (which I will be sharing later on this month), every prayer she wrote in her “war book” came to pass.

As if that wasn’t enough, my friend and I were discussing on the same day about 2017 and how we want a string of testimonies that will continue to blossom onto 2018 – she had the same idea of writing all prayer points and scriptures. 

I pray my December 2017 review post will be too much for you to read…lol

Meanwhile, I would like to write my brief review on the film for those still to watch it.

Film: War Room (Prayer is a Powerful Weapon)

Director: Alex Kendrick  Writer: Stephen Kendrick

Release Year: (2015)


Very brief summary…

War Room is a beautiful, simple Christian film that demonstrates the power of prayer -particularly when you feel that you are out solutions. In this case the film conveys how Tony (Husband) and Elizabeth (Wife)’s marriage is under strain and the effect it is having on their daughter’s well-being.

Just from studying the main characters we have a husband who is flirtatious, proud and boastful. Christian? – yes he is. But the type to put God not at the top of the list.

Then the wife – according to other reviews she is bitter. I didn’t get that. In my opinion she lost confidence in her man, in herself, in her marriage and in God.

Now when putting both husband and wife together – most certainly we can say, that it is quite frankly a recipe for disaster and as a result the daughter felt as though she was not loved by her parents.war-room-main_article_imagesynopsis_photo

The turning point came when Elizabeth met a client (Ms Clara) through her work. A client who was on fire for God and was not weary when it came to her faith. Ms Clara, mentored Elizabeth, advised her and taught her how to pray by introducing her to her weapon the “War Room”.



Overall thoughts on the film:

Firstly, the title of the film comes with meaning. When we think about prayer it is like a battle, it is like a war. When we come back from that war – we are not supposed to feel or come back the same.

Let’s digress a little. There are times I go to the gym and come back out without a sweat, without an ache and am still over energised to return home. For me…that’s just an indication that my time at the gym was a waste. However, on frequent occasions (particularly with a friend) when I come out of the gym – I know that Yes! I have burnt off almost every calorie I ate earlier in the day…(well it feels like that).

It’s the same with prayer, when you have prayed – you are supposed to feel a difference…You are supposed to feel confident that God has the situation at hand and there is no need for you to worry anymore.

War Room, War Box, War Book, War iPad and so on. Powerful weapons for beautiful testimonies.

Secondly, although the acting for me was a little cheesy and the script itself was displayed to be nothing outside the ordinary – it delivered it’s lessons/messages effectively, to the point that I would watch it over and over again, to ensure I didn’t miss a “trick” on how to get my prayers answered.  Yep! I have the DVD.

Finally….my favourite scene. It made me laugh. This for me was the most important part of the film.

What a way to show us how your prayer life is supposed to be. HOT! Not in the middle, not lukewarm. Oh I love it.

So in a nutshell:

Your prayer life needs to be hot

Your prayer points needs to be specific

Your prayer points needs to be organised

When you come to pray, come with faith, come with expectation.

Don’t be an occasional prayer

Don’t wait for time to pass by to pray.

God is already waiting to hear from you. Question is are you ready for battle?

Book Review: Pathway To Freedom (the story of a porn addict) – Elisha Kolade

Hello Testimonies speakers, I pray this post meets you well.

Today, I have been given the opportunity to review a book from the author himself – Elisha Kolade… well, I say today. But I’ve actually had the book collecting dust for the past 6 months (covers face).

Unlike the past two book reviews I have done previously (check out Book Review Series), I will be following a guideline (which I now plan to use forever) so that you can get an in depth review of the book. If you have read the book and agree or disagree with some of the comments I am about to put out there, please feel free to comment below.

Title: Pathway to Freedom (the story of a porn addict)

Author: Elisha Kolade (2015)

Just by looking….

The book cover is eye catching and bright yet very simple. As a part time artistic type of person, without the title, I would never really associate its image with “a pathway to freedom”, in my opinion the picture signifies to me of a journey that has been embarked on – which compliments the statement “the story of a porn addict”.

A statement which is enough to eye catch and prompt people into maybe buying the book. Unfortunately, if we were to judge its book by its front cover it may only appeal to the mature audience and possibly only to those who are determined to overcome this type of addiction.

To probably captivate older teenagers and young adults, the blurb could have started off with a few basic questions that will make them validate themselves ie. has porn taken over your life?

During the read…

I started reading this book at the beginning of the month (July). Nine days in and I had touched down on page 77 out of 135 pages (over half way). Now for someone who is reading for change and expecting an impact, the book will need to be read a bit slower than what I was achieving within a few days. It is a book to be read and applied to his her/life section by section or chapter by chapter (which ever one floats the readers boat).

So what actually caught my attention? Well, a number of things, but I will list down my main three.

One – The book went back to basics. Came out with essential facts and figures about sex and pornography. Tempted to call the book a ‘semi – dictionary’ as it defines the necessary terminologies associated with Christianity such as ‘restoration’ (as well as keywords associated with porn addiction. Which will be really beneficial for readers who have just given their life to Christ for the first time and also struggling with the addiction.

Two – The author executes his testimony rather well throughout the whole book. Testimonies rather than testimony! He details the process he had to go through to overcome porn addiction. He describes his setbacks, his hurdles and even gives us an insight to his infant days as a Christian. I mean what skillful way to engage your readers…

Three – A personal one. “your mind is a farm land and your thoughts are the seeds” – now I have never heard that before. Without diverting too much away from the book itself, I’ll just say this: The Bible carries all the required nutrients and conditions to help the seed (out thoughts) germinate and blossom beautifully – to gain access to these requirements we have to read frequently or seeds (our thoughts) will malnourish (room for negative thoughts, room for temptation).

In terms of how the book is written; it is casual. It is honest. Honest to the point where potentially he copied and pasted out of his journey into this handbook.

I initially thought it was too much and decided to get a second opinion. My friend who only read sections of it just said “it’s what people need to hear to relate, so that they know they are not going through it alone” – thanks to him I saw the book in another perspective. My bad!

On a whole the book is a good book. It contains the relevant materials, facts and steps on how to overcome addiction. Its written in a way that can reach out to a wide age range (from age 18 onwards of course).

The Pathway to Freedom can be found to be simple, casual, chatty and funny at times. However, unfortunately, the content of the book does not allow the pages to turn at a fast pace – some sections of the book is somewhat not succinct. and also some of his short accounts are found to be repeated in the book. But saying that, I read the book in 10 days – which I do not recommend for someone who is expectant for a change.

The Pathway to Freedom is almost similar to another book called Sex is not the Problem (Lust is) by Joshua Harris, I used the book last year to write posts for the Lust ≠ Love Series. The book came third party testimonies as well as group activities (or questions) at the end of each chapter – which may poke you to rank this book above Elisha’s. But when you have studied the book side to side; unlike Joshua Harris’ book, Elisha’s book is raw when displaying his own accounts and what he went through to relate and to encourage his readers to find the pathway to freedom.

Thank you for reading this post…typing to you real soon.


‘Peek-a-boo’ Moment

Hey TS readers,

How are you all doing?

Thank you for the viewings!!!!!!!

This is me “peek-a-booing” from the quiet scene for a hot minute. I am blessed and well (in case you are wondering). The year so far has being great. Loads of changes and once again trying to find routine to ensure everything fits in.

I am back in my favourite town, London. Which means I have had the opportunity to see various people and attend numerous events. Which IS one of my main goals this year.

In terms of me blogging, I am in the mind mapping phase. The main focus of the blog is and will be to encourage you via testimonies (via talents or normal documentation) and the Word, but I feel the need to branch out also and bring in other things to the blog.

Going with the flow, for now. I will however, post some fresh testimonies for y’all to read.

I do hope my WordPress bloggers are well. I do miss you guys!